Going Insane

Nancy had a hard life. She had almost everything she wanted, but she just wasn't happy. Something was missing in her life... She needed it. She'd give anything to have it. What is it? Love. With it or without it, she's going insane.

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Nancy Love

I have a Ipod 5, Iphone 5, Samsung 5 and Ipad minnie. I just dont have the one thing that dosent cost money. (Love) I put my jacket on the hook and went in my room. I wished from all my heart for some love so some love in my life.So the next day I went on Qfeast.com and then started making questions on who wants to be my love. I asked the question and I got 3 replies. One from @Shortyboy. I am way to tall to date him. One for @JAYsean. I bet he isn't the real one. Finally @JaxsonElwee. I think he is the right one. So I followed him and created a chat. He said that he had his phone number. I called him. He answered and he lives in California. I do to!! So I went on him with a date and geuss what?? HE IS A HOTTIE. I have everything I want... A few days later he gave me his adress and I have him mine. So before I went to sleep i heard a squeek from the door. I quickly ran over. I saw him grabbing money and putting it into his bag. I quickly smashed a vase onto his head. He fell down. I quickly tied him to a chair. I called 911 and they arrived. It's a good thing I live next to a police station. I was so mad. I noticed I was missing something from my life again. Love. Omg I think I am going insane without having love in my life. I want it now and I want it now. I was so mad. I had set up a charity on qfeast. Maybe someone would donate love to me. I have looked at the comments and most of the people there want stuff and not donating. So I donated. I had checked a few peoples wall and I have followed a few. I think I made a friend. Alexlean was a great friend. She told me tips on how to get a guy and she was there for me the whole time and didn't put me down. She was great but a few days later we got into a fight and none of us had the guts to talk to one another. So we didn't. I was so mad. Now I didn't have love or friends. How could I even live. I put up a donation and a promise to give out to the poor. A few days later a guy made a account and they told me to give them alot of money or they will rob me. I knew something was on. I thought that Jax was doing something. So i called the police. But to late, we got robbed. My parents told me to delete every single socail thing. If I had a laptop I would but I didn't. I was so mad again. I just keep on getting mad because nothing good was going on these past few days. I was going to get a job sence my dad didnt have enough money making as a doctor. I worked at mcdonalds. They gave me free meals everyday. So I provided some for my family. They were doing good. We built up our money. In a blink of an eye, we were more rich then before. We got everything back and I didn't have to quit my job. For a thanks to the mcdonalds I have built another place for them to stay in as in a hotel. So people wouldnt be homeless. Our hotel is free. I am so happy now. But I still want love. My mom and dad agreed to letting me have socail networks but i just have to keep save and not give out my adress or any of my info. Not even my name or age. They cancled my others and made me new ones. I was so happy and I have made a new friend. I have got back to friends with Alexlean and didn't share any info. Just talk and talk. I still wanted love after everything I have. I have everything exept love. I couldn't even focus on the simple things in life. I even forgot how to spell my name Nancy. I am so tired of this. I want it to end. I really deny that I want love. But deep down inside everyone knows that I want love. Everyone. But they just refuse to talk to me about it because they know I would get mad. Everyone knows not to tel someone that they are lying if they were denying for there whole life is a bad idea. So they refuse to talk to me about love or make me jealous about them and there boyfriends and girlfriends. Oh how I hate when people make me jealous.

To be continued........
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