When the Stars Align

When the Stars Align

(Based on Sandstorm's Love and Sandstorm's Kits.) Firestar's beloved leader, Bluestar comes to him in a dream. "When the stars aline, You and your clan will see me." (A mix!)

published on August 12, 20156 reads 3 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.
The Dream

The Dream

Firestar curled up into the soft moss in the Leader's Den. He wondered about Sandstorm and her kits. Yawning, he fell asleep.

"Firestar. Welcome to the Starclan Camp." Firestar opened his eyes to see a grey-blue she-cat speaking to him.

"Bluestar!" he yowled joyfully.

"I will come to you and the clan." she said. Firestar looked at her in confusion.

"How? Why?" he mewed.

"You and the whole forest is in danger. I will talk to all the clans of the forest at the next gathering." Bluestar resumed her speech. "You will see me when the stars align." she assured Firestar, who was looking at her in disbelief. He didn't know what she was saying. How could she come to the Earth Dwellers' Land? To Earth? To them!

"How?" he yowled. "How?"
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Comments (2)

on August 14, 2015
Based on Sandstorm's Love and Sandstorm's Kits, When the Stars Aline is about Bluestar coming down to the 'Earth Dwellers' Home' to warn them in person about a coming siege that is going to begin. Soon, There'll be The Final Battle.
on August 13, 2015