Izaya Orihara x Readers

Izaya Orihara x Readers

I was asked to make a book of these things. (Eyyy I need more words ok bye

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Chapter 1.

Guardian Angel - [Yandere!Izaya Orihara x Reader]

(I hope this is the right story, there was a few with related titles >_>)

It was a day like any other in Ikebukuro.

The busy streets bustled with hundreds of passerby's, the bystanders having various places as their destination as always. Be it workers going to or fro from work and home, or students doing the same for school; it seemed as if the whole of the city's population traveled about the maze-like streets of the famous Japanese location.

Of course, some people within the crowd of faces had different intentions for the day than others. Some, even malicious.

You trotted along with the wave of citizens, your (e/c) gaze scanning the many bodies around you with nervous habit. Your grip on your school bag tightened as you bit your lip, you brows furrowed in obvious discomfort. As it was easy for any normal inhabitant of the fast-paced town to see, you were a person not used to such excitement.

You had just recently moved to Ikebukuro from a small, country-styled town in America; of all places. Your home town had barely had two thousand people, and you barely ventured out from it. So, it was not a surprise that the obvious difference of this city and the one you were accustomed to had flat lined you at first.

Just why was it you had moved to this city, out of all places, though? Well, that was simple enough. You had received an invitation to become the famous Raira Academy's first ever foreign exchange student.

Now, that alone sounded ridiculous to you at this point.

You had never seen yourself as exceptionally intelligent or any type of aspiring prodigy. However, you were told too many times to remember otherwise. Be it your fellow students of teachers, you always received more than enough praise on your efforts; despite the fact that you felt them unnecessary. You never tried  overly hard to get good grades, they just kinda...happened.

Your parents were always opportunists, so when they found you had a natural talent with schoolwork they immediately set out to sharpen your already keen skills even further. This meant you would be tutored in your free time and given above-level work on top of your regular student duties. These increased responsibilities, despite 'improving' your education abilities, just hindered your already weak social abilities.

You had never been really good at making friends, your awkward and shy nature generally getting the better of you. So, when your booked schedule shoved its way into your life; any friendly relationships you had with others your own age ceased to exist. This had happened at a rather early age, so you had adjusted to it over time, at least.

But, that didn't mean you didn't wish you could have friends to spend time with...

When you were offered the scholarship to Raira, you had no choice in the manner. Your parents had been looking forward to something like this their entire career of 'coaching your intellect', so they were making preparations for your departure before you even found out about the letter.

Looking back, the culture shock of the move really wasn't that much of a hindrance to you at all compared to your past obstacles.

Your (h/l) (h/c) locks drifted about you as you turned your head about in various directions, standing on your tip-toes momentarily in an attempt to see above the heads of the many fellow travelers. It was your first 'real' day in the city, meaning you hadn't dared step foot from your lonely apartment up until now. If it had been up to you, you would still be inside the small building, but it was your first day to attend the academy 'of your dreams' as your parents had put it. So, you were left with no choice but to be swept away by the swarms of people in the city and hope you ended up where you needed to be.

With a small breath of exasperation, you pulled a brochure-like map from your skirt pocket; grip shaking lightly from the intense number of people around you. You had never really been exposed to this many people all at once, after all. All of what was happening was just way too much for you...You didn't even want to be here, and now you were almost sure you were lost; looking at the map's directions for reference.

As you inwardly gave up hope on ever living a normal life, you remained completely unaware of a certain male's crimson orbs watching you carefully from among the throng of moving bodies. Watching you turn the directions upside down in desperation, the raven-haired man smirked lightly, his hands slipping into his coat pockets as he leaned against a light post not too far away from your stressed antics.

As always, Izaya Orihara remained in the know when it came to who entered and left the city of Ikebukuro. And also as per usual, when he heard word of a particularly unusual student entering his town, he decided to personally welcome them. He did love observing humans, after all. So any new toy of his deserved his attention.

This was why the information broker was watching you from afar, trained gaze soaking in the emotion you expressed. He couldn't help but chuckle when the wind tore the map from your grip, the item floating away as you simply hung your head in defeat. Usually, he would have stepped in by now; feigning his place as a friend by giving you the right directions you so desperately needed. However, something was keeping him at bay. His blood-red eyes narrowed in focus as he watched you, his mind uncharacteristically straying from his original intentions at the sight of your slightly teary (e/c) orbs.

For some reason...He liked seeing you express so many emotions. Not that he didn't usually enjoy seeing these from other humans, but usually after a while he would have his fill of observing one person in particular. After all, as a God among humans, he couldn't favor one of his play things over another. However, he felt his own concept of reality being betrayed as he narrowed his attention onto you. For some reason, he wagered he would never get tired of watching you. He liked seeing your emotions more than anyone else he had ever 'interfered' with, and the fact made him frown deeply. Why was this so? His expression darkened even more.

Izaya didn't like not knowing the answers to questions.

He was knocked out of his apparent deep state of thought when he was suddenly tackled to the ground, the dark-haired male's gaze widening in surprise when he was completely taken off guard. When a thundering crash sounded directly after his back hit the concrete ground, however, his attention was diverted to the construction beam jutting from the ground before him...directly where he had been standing only moments ago.

"Hey...Are you okay?" His expression uncharacteristically shaken, Izaya slowly turned  to face the quiet mutter of a voice from the figure hovering above him, his crimson gaze only blinking in further surprise when they locked with (e/c). You returned his blink with your own, before a bright pink tint overtook your cheeks upon realizing the position you two were in. You were directly on top of the strange man, straddling him from the way you had tackled him. Expression faltering once again, you quickly jumped away from him; offering your shaky hand to help him up as you looked away in embarrassment.

The info broker was at a loss for words at what had just happened. Had he truly been so caught up with watching you that he had almost...He chased the thought away, gaze setting on you intently once again as he gently took your outstretched hand. And you...Had saved him. You had saved him, the very person who had been plotting to have you kidnapped later that week as he had observed you.

The very idea seemed ridiculous to him.

"I'm fine." He finally found his voice, his hand unconsciously lingering in yours as he was pulled to his feet. Overcoming his reeling train of thought, he simply locked gazes with you; smirking when you were still blushing gingerly. "But I wouldn't have been if you weren't around~!" He laughed the situation off, earning a tilt of your head in confusion. This guy had just almost died, and here he was laughing as if nothing had happened!

"Are you sure? Because...Because I can call an ambulance if I need to-" He cut you off by placing a finger to your lips, ignoring the people watching the almost tragic scene with shock and worry.

"I'm fine~ I'm just lucky I had a guardian angel around to save me, neh?" He flashed you a cheerful wink, the act and his words not doing much to calm your red cheeks.

"I-If you say so..." You muttered lightly, gripping your arm unsurely. Your shy nature had finally surfaced it seemed, as the crowd that had formed around the scene slowly but surely dispersed. Izaya let a smirk etch it's way onto his features once more as he spoke up.

"So, what do I have the pleasure of calling my own personal savior?" He casually inquired, causing you to swiftly look up from your dress shoes in surprise. He...wanted to know your name?

"U-Uh...I'm (y/f/n) (y/l/n/)..." You muttered unsurely, giving the man a small bow when you remembered Japanese customs. "It's...nice to meet you." Seeing your stiff gesture, the crimson-eyed man let out a small chuckle.

"Ah, then it's my pleasure, (y/n)-chan~" He cooed, patting your hair affectionately despite not being all that close to you. Of course, he already knew your name. But he didn't want you knowing that. You were left stuttering in surprise at the sudden contact, but made no move to stop him due to your awkwardness. "Ah, but where are my manners? You told me your name, so I should at least tell you mine! I'm Izaya Orihara." He mimicked your bow playfully, causing you to glower in embarrassment from being picked on. It wasn't your fault you weren't familiar with the customs of this foreign country.

Before long, the male found himself giving you the much needed directions to Raira Academy; before he sent you off with a pat on the back. The male found his gaze locked onto your far away form as you disappeared into the busy streets, his mind once again uncharacteristically flowing away in thought.

Now that he thought about it...He really would have probably been killed by that construction accident if you hadn't saved him. You really had...saved his life. You had been te only one that had ever...cared enough to not want him hurt. This was a new feeling for the infamous man. He felt...


With a sinister smirk, he turned on his heel once your form was completely invisible on the horizon. It was okay for you to be gone for now. He found himself feeling he would be seeing a lot more of you in the near future my mere 'coincidence', after all.

Because, he had come to a conclusion; his thoughts re-imagining your bright (e/c) orbs staring into his and the way your (h/l) (h/c) hair had flowed in the breeze.

If he was a God among humans, then surely you were and angel.

With a short dark chuckle, he made his way back to his penthouse. He would make sure to arrange to see you soon. But, for now...

He had some work to get done in the meantime.
Izaya was content with just being able to see you often, his 'coincidental' meet ups with your shorter form having earned an special place in his seemingly cold heart. He was fine just knowing his angel was safe, and that she could still care for him like he knew she did. After all, it was her job to look over the God of this city; right?

However, when his sources leaked word that his favorite person was in the hospital, he had to suppress taking his anger out on someone. How had such a thing happened without him knowing? He had been keeping closer wraps on (y/n)-chan than anyone before her, and had sought out as much information about her as possible.

So, how was it she had abruptly been admitted into the hospital seemingly over night?

Without giving it a second thought, the angered and strangely worried male made his way to visit his favorite human. When the doctors finally let him see you, after a bit of 'white lying' about his identity on his part, he was beyond shocked.

You were pale. Paler than he had ever seen any other human being be, and he could have sworn the sight made his heart stop for a moment. When you had weakly looked over at him, he lost all train of thought.

"Oh...Hi, Izaya-kun..." You had interrupted yourself with a string of coughs, the act causing the already present frown on the male's face to deepen drastically. No...No...This was all wrong. You were supposed to be bright and keep him happy as an angel, right? So why...

So why did you look so close to death?!

Not showing you his anger, the male visited with you shortly before having a short 'chat' with your doctor in a secluded janitor's office.

His switchblade may or may not have been involved.

Regardless of his methods, he eventually got the information he needed from the medical examiner. However, the news made him nothing but angrier.

Your kidney had failed. Your fuucking kidney. And if you didn't get a transplant soon, you would die. There were no current suitable organs available, and no one was willing to help you out. If something wasn't done, you would die.

You would die.

The very idea made the raven-haired male punch the wall closest to him in the alleyway behind the hospital out of anger, a dangerous smile decorating his features as his crimson eyes stared widely ahead. A glimmer of insanity hid deep inside his gaze as he calmly pulled his cell phone from his jacket pocket.

He wouldn't let you die. He wouldn't let you get away from him like that. You were his. You were his guardian angel.

He loved you.

Izaya stopped at the thought, almost dropping the device in surprise. He...loved you? Of course he loved all humans, but you in particular?

Now that he thought about it, he did always favor you over the others. You were his personal favorite. Had it really been these feelings of love that had made him wish to spend time with you? To protect you and be near you?

Grin widening to rival the cheshire cat of fiction, he dialed a number he knew well; a skip in his step as he went to prepare himself for what he knew would be a long night. Pulling his trusty switchblade from his pocket as well, he went on his way into the dark streets of Japan.

He wasn't going to let you die.

You were his guardian angel, after all.
You awoke with a groan, attempting to roll over in your hospital bed. However, that was just it. An attempt. When a shocking pain ricocheted from your side, you were left reeling in pain; letting out a sharp hiss as you fell flat against the cushions below you. What...What was that pain...?

With all the strength you could muster, you forced your eyes open; the (e/c) orbs still shaking in pain. They widened when they caught sight of a deep, stitched up gash in the side of your stomach. It was if...someone had performed surgery on you...

That was when you realized your surroundings were different than what they were when you had fallen asleep.

You were no longer in the hospital you remembered, but instead what looked like a well furnished bedroom in a house or apartment of some sort. You laid in a plush bed, your thoughts running rampant as you struggled to sit up. Where were you? How had you gotten here? What had happened to you?

"Neh, you shouldn't move around too much, (y/n)-chan~ You might rip your stitches~" Your head swiveled quickly to lock onto the source of the voice, jumping lightly when you found Izaya sitting in a chair directly next to the bed. Had he been there the whole time?

"I-Izaya-kun?" You stuttered out, grip tightening on the covers around you in fright from his sudden appearance in the dark room. You could hardly make out his figure in the dimly lit bedroom. "W-Where...?" Like the time he first met you, the male placed a finger to your lips to silence you.

"You're in my apartment~" He answered simply, his tone cheerful as you simply stared in disbelief. Catching your worried mood, he chuckled quietly. "There's no need to worry, my dear~ Nothing can hurt you here~" You were taken off guard by his suddenly affectionate tone, finding yourself at a loss for a response as he gripped your chin gently between his fingers.

"You'll be safe here, with me~ I found you a doner, and got my friend Shinra-kun to perform the surgery you needed, after all~!" At his words, you suddenly caught the metallic scent in the air; and your gaze shook when you noticed the crimson stains decorating the man's appearance. "Although, your kind doner was just a tad bit...reluctant at first~" The broker admitted, smirk visible in the darkness of the room. "But, like I said; you don't have to worry anymore, (y/n)-chan~ I'll take care of you here." He flicked your nose playfully, before his form fell into the bed next to you.

You tried your best to scoot away from his cuddling form, but the pain in your side hindered you soon enough. You felt the urge to run, but knew you wouldn't get far due to your condition. Izaya's warm breath tickled your neck as he gently held your weak body, his crimson eyes boring affectionately into your tearing up (e/c) ones.

"I'll keep you safe, just like you did me..." He mumbled against your skin, sending an involuntary shiver down your spine when you felt a bit of blood from his coat drip onto you. He grinned happily, snuggling into the crook of your neck warmly. "Because you're my guardian angel, right? So I'll be your's, too!"

"And I'll protect you here, forever..."
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