Creation of The Winds

Creation of The Winds

~An undertale fanfic~ Erias is the last known being in the underground to be a full fledged Wind Shep, in which are meisters of the wind. She, a wind dragon and German shepherd hybrid, has undergone many triumphs as well as heartbreaks. This is the true story, of Erias Windshed

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Chapter 1.


The time has come
For two to arise
Out of the eggs they come from
Born from intertwined fate
These two relate
To become the true face of the wind
These two born from eggs
Neither are sinned
But are born with destiny
One to be tiny
The other massive
Two sisters
One fate
They cross
They live
They find true strength
Two destinies
One to end
The other to defend
What shall soon be
The new sight to see.

It is believed that this strange legend brought forth two powerful beings of the winds. No one has believed this legend however, until one day in particular, in a certain lab, two eggs sat amongst several projects and heated lights. One a dark grey with blue wind insignia, the other a pure white with black wind insignia. In the dark cold lab where they sit, a crowd hadn't formed to witness the birth. No. But, one scientist watched over the eggs, patiently awaiting the arrival of what is to be the two of legend.
"I've done it," they said amongst the shadows. "I've found them both. The ones of the legend." The people of the underground were to believe him as well, for these two eggs were exactly the ones of the prophecy. Ready to hatch both dragon eggs sat, motionless still, as though they still needed more time to incubate.
It was confusing as to why both eggs refused to hatch just yet, the scientist had predicted their birth be today and not tomorrow, or the next day, or even the day after that. He had predicted one of the two would hatch now, the pure white one. But why, why wasn't it hatching? Was it a dud? Perhaps it died of the cold? No, it couldn't have.
All of a sudden, there was a crack, and a movement of the egg. Then another, and another shake. It was time, and almost instantly, the egg cracked open, and out came a small dragon.
"What," the scientist croaked, taking note of the young dragon's appearance. "This is not a full dragon, it's a hybrid!" The scientist couldn't believe their eyes, for the newborn dragon amongst him wasn't a full one. Instead, it was part dog. German shepherd, to be more precise. It's fur was a pure white, grey markings rest amongst it's body, as well as a symbol of the word Kaze, or wind, in a pure black on the top of its back. Its tail was long, reptilian like, and ended in a vast array of light grey feathers with darker grey tips, the same thing with its wings though they were white with light grey tips. Its eyes were already open, a bright yellow color, shining like gold amongst several others of itself in the sunlight. A rather interesting creature, the scientist thought to themself. Now they just had to figure out a name to dub the newborn beast.
"Erias." The scientist croaked after a while of thinking. The newborn instantly looked to them, as though it had already had a name. The scientist easily took note of the beast's actions.

Entry number 34

I've done it, I've successfully given the beast its name. It reacted almost instantly to the name I called, Erias, as though it had already had a name to begin with. Soon the other will hatch, a day in which it will, I have no idea. What I do know is that these dragon hybrids, I shall now name, Wind Sheps, as they are both German shepherd, in which is a breed of dog from the surface world, and wind dragon, a monster that once existed in the underground. Their growth and development will be quick, they will be fully grown in four months, and when both are old enough, eight years for the first, six for the second, I will release them into the underground, where they can live amongst the monsters. My only worry for these two once they take their leave, is the human that has arrived here, Chara.
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