I Definitely lost my mind (should I make this an RP?)

I Definitely lost my mind (should I make this an RP?)

I have no clue weather I should make an assassins & bodyguard RP, so here's how two of my characters (that I would use for this) met...

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Chapter 1.
Orders are orders...

Orders are orders...

That's Amber in her usual outfit for her assignment->

I was having a coffee in my favorite coffee shop reading a very interesting book when my phone rang...seeing my bosses number I had to pick it up...
"Hey. So what's up this time?...oh let me guess you're giving me another assignment?" I smiled resting my phone on my shoulder and holing it there with my ear as I took another sip of my mocha.
"Ok smartie. There's a guy named David Morris. He's 19 and he has found out about a little something of mine...It's a pitty since he seems to have a athletic talent...He's does cross country and is the best on his team, so you may have a runner...Amber he should be easy bait and is only about...hold on a sec..."
"Dude you're suck a geek. Stalking people all day and sending me after them...anyway what does this guy exactly know?" I said waving for a waiter. She came over and handed me my bill which I paid for, grabbed my book and coffee, and headed out the door.
"Nice try missy. Not even my most loyal friends can know anything about me. David lives about a...actually he lives about 5 blocks away from you...good luck Amber." He said right before hanging up.
"Thanks Rodger...the only things I know about you are your a geek, stalk people for your boss to get me to kill people...and that your name is Rodger..." I spoke to the air around me as I put my phone back into my pocket. Once at home I got dressed into my normal outfit and finally made dinner for myself although I wasn't really that hungry. My German Shepard Nilo almost smiling at me as he waited for me to drop something. I gave up our mini staring contest and finally tossed him something. He left the room happily with his reward as I turned out the flame on the stove, put the food on a plate and began to eat at my kitchen table. I was just finishing eating when my phone rang again. It was Rodger of coarse.
"What is it now?" I huffed.
"Why haven't you killed him yet my boss is going to kill me if you don't get him with in the next hour..." That's when I checked the clock it was 11:30 already.
"I'm so sorry Rodger. God how time flies. I'll go get him right after I-"
"Clean up your dinner?" He laughed.
"How'd you know?" I asked putting him on speaker phone and setting my dishes in the sink.
"Like you said I'm a geek that stalks people...anyway the guy is watching scary movies at the moment. Have fun Amber." He hung up as usual but this time a smile crept to the corners of my lips. Knowing that my assignment will be paranoid before I get there might just help me. I can use his paranoia to bring him to me instead of the other way around. I began my journey to David's house. Just like what Rodger said...he's watching horror movies.
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