Ask my OC!

Ask my OC!

Ask my OC anything you want! Dares and Questions are acceptable at all costs! Other characters are allowed in categories of Eddsworld, Undertale, Be More Chill, Five Nights At Freddy's, Creepypasta, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Omegaverse, Villainous, Doki Doki Literature Club, Rebornica (Also Fnaf), Osomatsu-San, Cuphead, Crash Zoom, and Yandere Simulator. Have fun everybody!

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Chapter 1.
Ask my OC!

Ask my OC!

Sam: Hi! I'm Sam Stardust, and ask me anything! I would except anything! I'll also be taking requests! Some characters from Eddsworld and Osomatsu-san will be here as well!

Tom: Hi!
Edd: Hello!
Matt: *Looking at himself in mirror* .... Sigh...
Tord: what are we doing?

The Matsuno brothers at the same time: Konnichiwa!!

Karamatsu: My Karamatsu girls are ready to ask my girlfriend anything!!

Sam: Kara, for the last time... I. AM. NOT. YOUR. GIRLFRIEND.

Choromatsu: *Slaps the back of Kara's head* Stop saying things like that, Shittymatsu! You remember the FIRST time you flirted with her?!

Karamatsu: ........Yes =_=

Ichimatsu: You're lucky she only knocked out 1 tooth

Sam: I might have done WAY worse.

Tord: Okay, just stop! I'm trying to read my Anime over here!!

Tom: Tord, no one cares about your Anime!!

Tord: *sticks tongue out at Tom*

Tom: *sticks his back*

Sam: So, yeah! Have fun, and do what you like! I'll make sure no one's dares or questions are left out!
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I see you took a bit of inspiration .... * Raises Eyebrows*
lol. I meant from my story Still you're doing great!
on April 12
on April 12