The challenge Revived #38

The challenge Revived #38

Wowowoow. I am a yellow turkey. I am a very bad thanksgiving idea. Casue yellow is mellowed

published on September 18, 201824 reads 7 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Extra scene

Ryan: So... Thomas. You didn't give me the torch yesterday.
Thomas: Yay. So...
Ryan: now I get to show everyone what you wrote.
Thomas: About that. *grabs torch*
Ryan: What are you doing?
Thomas: *burns book* nothing to show.
Ryan: What a bummer...
Thomas: HA!
Ryan: good thing I made copies.
Thomas: F#CK!
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Comments (2)

on September 18, 2018
but how is neptune safe lmao
the bitch got exploded
on September 18, 2018