3 Souls

3 Souls have fallen into a void and formed a bond that indirectly started a war between Angels and Demons.

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3 souls

Once upon a time
There were three people from different worlds
A young soul named ******
A Human king named *****
and a Goddess named *****


That had fallen down into a Void
The Young soul Yelled and screamed for help but
there was no answer


The King heard the Screams
and rushed over too his side
The Soul that was in despair was no longer

The two quickly became friends...


The Goddess watched the two from the distance with
a warm grin,
Two people with different dreams, races, and values
Have now met each other.


The King had soon sensed the goddess and
asked her too stay with them.

The Goddess agreed and the three
lived together in the void for years
Until the King fell into a dark illness...
Before Dying the King had given the
soul his cape the king's most precious

In despair the Soul cried asking
the goddess to bring him back
but there was little she could do.


Taking advantage of this despair
a dark force offered to bring the king back.

The Darkness kept it's word
but not how the soul wanted
The Darkness consumed the two.

Too save them their souls
The Goddess taken the Darkness into herself.

She was able to save the souls life
but the king's body was turned too ash.

The Dark conflicted with the Light within her
and was slowly destroying her from within
To end her suffering her killed her
absorbing her soul into his.

Then suddenly the Soul
was alone again.

He walked into the light with
darkness stained on his skin
but a yellow glow in his eyes

For killing their Goddess The
Angels had shot him with everything they had
yet he didn't fight back
he looked at them and smiled
at the thought remembering the Goddess's words
"One day we'll meet again, I promise"


In vengeance the Angels had spent years
finding out where he came from eventually
discovering the Underworld.

In an act of Desperation
the souls of the Underworld
made a deal with the Darkness
that had once consumed one of their own.


There were two ways too the worlds
The Lightway a large bridge that the Angels
created too enter this world
and the Mortal world "Earth".

The war of course went too earth
a war that divided the races that live on this
Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches...

Eventually the Demons were Defeated
by the Holy Knights who created the HellGates
too seal them away.

The Inhabitants of Earth who sided with the
Underworld were now outcast.

and so the war continued on the Lightway
until a half-blooded demon named Cyruss and
his fallen angel companion Rose
had opened these gates...

Eventually turning against the underworld
and are currently on a quest too
close these gates...

But that's a different story
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