Vault #1331

Vault #1331

What are you doing here? Step back! Step away from the vault! Don't open it. Don't read its contents. Trust me. You don't want to. I should know. He still taunts me every day. Please. Don't let him hurt you. I don't want you to go though what I've been through.

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Chapter 1.

January 24, 2016--Dr. Argent

        This case will remain unsolved. It is too dangerous for anyone to continue this.

        Any pieces of evidence will be locked in Vault #1331 for further research, or if this case is brought up again.

        For anyone who is foolish enough to pick up the case again, Dr. Aurum was found in her office this morning hunched over her notes, a silver pencil buried into the back of her neck, presumably piercing through her spinal cord. We do not know how this pencil came to be, and it is unknown how Dr. Aurum was still alive. When we attempted to communicate with Dr. Aurum, she was unresponsive. When a specialist attempted to extract the pencil from Dr. Aurum's neck, she reacted very violently. A witness recalled "spasms running up and down her arms and legs. Her mouth was opening and closing, and there was...pain in her eyes. When [he] let go [of the pencil], she curled into a ball on the floor of her office." Dr. Aurum is now in custody of the [BLACKED OUT].

        But I'm just curious. If anyone knows who/what Matthias is, please report to me at office #11.
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