Sight in Black and White

Sight in Black and White

Jackson Lee Thomas has a "talent", as his best (and only) friend Sabrina calls it, that allows him to see people for what they really are. Everyone is just one pure color. Normal people are gray, evil "people" are pitch black, and innocent beings are white. (I know people are going to comment about how 'racist' this is, but race has nothing to do with this story and I'd appreciate if you could keep those comments to yourself! Of course, feel free to criticize this story if you find it necessary! Thank you!)

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Chapter 1.


        I don’t remember if I’ve been like this since I was born. All I know is that I’ve had this “talent” for as long as I can remember. To some people, I probably seem like a judgemental jerk because of it. The only person who only knows about this is my best friend, Sabrina.
        By now, you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. Well, let me explain, though, I know you can’t relate. To sum it up, I have this strange thing about me, and it affects my vision. However, it’s not just like I have sight problems and see differently than everyone else. No, no. It is much more than that.
         I can see the world perfectly fine. In fact, I can see better than most people, according to Sabrina. But, there’s just one thing. Humans, and only humans, are just figures of one, solid color. Normally, people are just blobs of gray. So dull, lifeless, expressionless. Though, I do see some pure white tones every now and then. Those are the people you wanna be around. But there are people that are just splotches of darkness. Not even just figures. They have a glowing aura of hatred that seeps into your soul and gives you the worst feeling imaginable. They can tear you apart with a single glance. Luckily, it’s very rare that I come across these people. Long story short, the gray beings are just normal people. They’re, of course, a mixture of black and white, meaning they have a certain level of kindness and hatred bubbling inside them. These, not even beings, these atmospheres of darkness, are, of course, evil. Evil that illuminates a room, but in a disastrous way. Evil that will send a shock down your spine at the thought of it. These things have no emotion, feel no remorse, have no regret or sadness or sympathy. They are pure hatred.
        Now, the pale, alabaster beings, on the other hand, are basically creatures of perfection. They have a small silver glow that can be seen slightly trailing behind them wherever they walk. These creatures, unlike any of the other people I’ve come across, have facial features. Well, sort of. They have a smile engraved into their face. Though, not the creepy kind of smile that you might imagine. More of a faint, soft smile, that just gives you the feeling that the words “Everything will be alright” will be whispered from that mouth.
        I, personally, believe that the white beings are angels, and that the dark entities are demons. With this in mind, I obviously believe that the gray blobs are humans. Also, I don’t believe I mentioned this, some of the gray beings are different tones and shades. For example, someone that is optimistic and kind more often than pessimistic will be more of a steamy gray, while a person that’s always negative and rude will be a bit more like a smokey gray, if that makes any sense.
        Anyways, with that boring explanation out of the way, let’s get on to the actual story, shall we?
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