Lycan War

Lycan War

A Lycan broke loose from the lab and turned Ethan, both now murderous monsters vampires and remaining wolf humans must stop the murderous Lycans.

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Chapter 1.


  It started out as thirst when Peter became the Lycan or werewolf as some would call it. They kept him caged because he was just a project, the first human lycanthrope creature. The objective of the experiment was to achieve a alpha warrior like Syrianna was to the Wolf humans before the war took place and wolf humans vanished from the face of the earth. Doctor Damien Chang was the leader of operation. He took Peter when he was just a child and turned him into a blood thirsty monster that could reproduce by bite and by birth. "Keep P1-389Lycan in his cage and don't let him loose." The cage was shut, yet it was rusted leaving it able for him to break through.
  As alarms blared Peter ran out of the lab and down the road into the woods where he met me, and bit me.

  The bite sent venom throughout my blood causing great pain. All I wanted was to shoot a deer so I could feed my family, but now I was gonna die or was I? Hours later I woke up with golden eyes shining in the moonlight, and teeth sharp as a knife. I was a Lycan now, blood thirty. I felt the urge after I transformed the lust and the determination for a kill. She stood there in the road, unaware of what her fate would be. I jumped her and bit hard on her shoulder and tearing bits of flesh from her body as her scream echoed in the night. One bite lead to another until she was nothing but bones, with tiny bits of flesh spilled in a pool of blood.
  The man who turned me was long gone, but I could smell his scent for miles. He smelled like lab chemicals and an old shoe. Don't know how I'll explain this to my family, but I don't think they'll let me live after what I've done.
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Comments (1)

It looks good thus far, and I cannot wait for more.
on September 26, 2016