Froststars story

Okay I'm just gonna bring this back but anyways its about froststar and her life as she was growing up

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Chapter 1.


As kit froststar tried playing with the other kits but wmeverytime she did they just laughed at her for her being so small so finally froststar just gave up and never came out of her den. Her mother, nightstar had gotten so worried about her and licked her... "Soon you'll be as strong as your father" her mother said to rmtry and make her daughter feel better.
The next day froststar went out to try one more time but the kits made fun of her again so froststar just hissed and ended up killing the kits and the mothers of the kits were watching and their eyes widened so they went to froststars father and reported what they saw. Blackheart was disappointed in his daughter and he scolded her but froststar just hissed and clawed at his chest, leaving a scar
Nightstar was shocked at how her daughter was acting and she tried to help froststar calm down but instead froststar killed her mother and father and licked the blood off her claws.
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