Ten Lives Lost *Teaser*

Ten Lives Lost *Teaser*

You guys might know I've been working super hard on a story. So, I decided I would FINALLY publish a teaser. This will be the first & second chapter. I hope you guys enjoy! I'm almost done with the whole story!

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Chapter 1.
Teaser Chapter 1- Those Left Behind.

Teaser Chapter 1- Those Left Behind.

Mount Airy Boarding School is an all girl school. There were about 300 students, all girls, of course, in Mount Airy. About 290 of those girls were allowed to leave.
        "Girls," Mrs. Watkins, the headmistress, yelled into the microphone, echoing across the auditorium, packed with the smartest and best girls in the state. "Settle down! I have an announcement to make," she said, barely containing her smile.
        Each girl in the room silenced, a hush fell over the crowd.
        "We are going on a 10 week vacation to Europe!" Mrs. Watkins announced. The room erupted into enthusiastic applause. "But hold on," she said, seriousness coloring her tone. "There are a select few girls who WON'T be attending this 10 week trip, due to their behavioral issues." She frowned. These select few girls knew exactly who they were. Each had done something to make Mrs. Watkins mad.
        Esther, who replaced all of the frogs for dissection in biology with rats.
        Reece, who dumped oil into the toilets of every restroom in the entire school.
        Elise, who beat up Jess.
        Regan, who always skipped class.
        Jess, who also beat up Elise, of course.
        Ashlynn, who drew the male genitalia on the board in the library.
        Bri, who stood up on the lunch tables and voiced her opinions about Mrs. Watkins.
        Bryn, who almost burnt the whole school down.
        Ryann, who kept "accidentally" flooding the first floor.
        And Carlie, who simply requested not to go, for fear of planes.
        It was these select few girls who would spend 10 weeks at Mount Airy Boarding School... alone.

        290 girls were loaded onto the buses that would drive them to the airport. 10 girls were seated in one of the common rooms, sprawled out and looking like a melting pot of personalities.
        Mrs. Watkins stood in front of them, holding the composure few headmistresses truly have. She looked at each pair of eyes in the room with disgust, and only looked at Carlie with compassion, for she did nothing wrong.
        "I know it's not a good idea to leave 10 teenage girls alone at a huge boarding school for 10 weeks, but you'll survive," she said, smug about the trip to Europe. "We are locking the doors, and there is food in the cafeteria kitchen. Do whatever you want, just don't wreck my school." And with that, she left the 10 teenage girls alone. Ryann was the first to say something.
        "Well, this should be interesting," she said. She was really wondering how long it would take for a fight to break out, a fire to start, and impending doom.
        "So, what are we supposed to do for 10 weeks?" Jess asked.
        "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be studying for finals," Carlie said.
        "Nerd," Jess muttered.
        "Douche," Carlie countered.
        "Girls," Bri said. "Stop fighting and shut up."
        The girls all went their separate ways, to do Lord knows what in the massive Mount Airy Boarding School.
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