Mae is a young 26 year old girl, spy that's been in captivity for over 2 years. Finding her way back to where it all began she must escape before the end of the world, and magic.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“Hey you!” a girl sitting in a prison cell said to the little girl in the one next to her.
“What?” the little girl replied, walking over to the girl. The girl said, she was roughly around 26 or so. “What do you want from me?”
“I use to be in that cell before they got suspicious of my strange behavior, look under the bed you’ll find a .22 long rifle pistol I need it.” The girl did what was told and handed the girl the rifle. “Ok outside there’s a man in a suit, his name is Seth you’ll go to him he’ll fly you out of here.”
“What about you?”
“I’ll be fine I have my own set of wings.”
“What’s your name?” the little girl asked, “My name is Phoenix.”
“Well Phoenix, my name is Mae.” Mae got up and walked over to her bed and pulled out bullets. “Each bullet contains a toxin I got from the floorboards and my vomit… don’t ask.”
“Mae, are you going to save us?”
“I’ve been here for 3 years, I’m escaping.” She set the bullets into the gun clip and fired. “Hope they heard.”
Footsteps came thumping down the stairs, you could hear the many guards making their way to the scene. “HEY!” they screamed. Mae looked at the opening to where the guards would appear and made her target.
“They’ll be here any minute, I suggest you hide because they may fire.” another girl roughly the same age appeared behind Phoenix.
“What’s going on?” she asked
“We’re going to be set free!” Mae fired the gun just as a guard appeared in the opening, making him drop dead to the ground.
“Phoenix grab the keys!” Again, Phoenix did as she was told and gave her the keys. “Ok unlock your cell, and let me out ok.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Phoenix never call me that again.” The creaking sound of the cell door echoed in the dungeon when the girl opened both her cell, and Mae’s. “Now you’re going to stand behind me while I get you out of here.”
“How long have you been planning this?”
“I’ve been planning this for 2 years and finally my plan is in motion.”        “Mae I’m scared!” Mae gave Phoenix a sympathetic look, before aiming the gun and shooting another guard that entered the doorway.
        “Don’t be I’ll get us out of here.”

Mae lead the girls up the stairs, and to the courtyard. She leads them to a tall bush away from cameras “I want you to stay here, do not move.” She walked away looking back and the girls and made her way back into the building. “First contact Seth, second make sure the girls aren’t dead, third escape.” She hid behind bins, and shot guards who spotted her, making her way to the computer room.
“Seems you’ve escaped.” A man behind Mae said.
“F*ck!” she turned and pointed the gun, “I don’t want to hurt you Dylan.”
“Oh, but I want to hurt you, you see you’re a very important being.” he stepped close to her, causing a reaction.
“Dylan don’t do this.” he pulled out a gun, then BANG, he dropped to the floor. Mae stood unaffected “I warned you.” She made her way to the computer room and shot the guards. She hacked the computer, and typed in a special code and a face appeared.
“Mae, Mae is that you?”
“Seth, I’ve escaped meet me in the courtyard.”
“Got it.”

        “It’s nice to have you back Mae,” a man said, he was wearing a brown jacket, with a white shirt, and jeans. “Seth I’m proud you got the suit to work again.”
        “I need some things.”
        “What things Mae?”
        “Stuff for a spell.”
        “Mae no, we have children here right now we can’t be doing any spells.”
        “How did you escape Mae?”
        “I escaped using a weird technique, I used a special powder well what I had left of it to lift toxins out of the floorboards, and I mixed them with vomit.”
        “I don’t understand, they have chemicals in floorboards?”
        “Not all of them…. just some of them.” she smiled and walked over to Seth. “Suit, I’m fixing it, it’s about time I fixed that thing, I have no idea what you did with it but I am fixing it.”
        “How are your wings, did they rip them apart?”
        “No, they’re fine just weak.”

Mae took his suit away when he handed it over to her. Immediately taking it to the engineering room. “I know what you did to the suit, you took out the wings, and the air pumps.”

        “Mae you’re wanted in the main center.”
        “Ok whatever.” she stopped what she was doing and made her way to the main center. “Yes?”
        “We need to brief.”

Mae walked out of the room rolling her eyes. “I have better things to do!”
        “Mae I suggest you get back here!” they yelled for her to come back, but Mae was already down the corridor. Walking back into the technology room she walked over to the suit.
        “What did they do to you?” she grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed the suit. “Atomic acid, made only in the lab.” she took a deep breath and dropped the screwdriver “YOU F*CKING IMBECILES TOUCHING AND MESSING WITH MY THINGS!” she demolished the suit and took the atomic acidic parts to the lab.

The lab workers looked scared, Mae was outraged and destroying equipment. “Mae what the hell do you think you’re doing!”
        “Destroying their creations because they destroyed mine.”
        “Mae, not even 3 hours back and you’re already destroying something.” Seth walked in behind him laughing.
        “I won, I told you she’d destroy something within the first 5 hours.” Seth said still laughing.
        “Mae, training tomorrow don’t skip or so help you I will take away your credits here.”
        “Whatever, next time you make your rats touch my suit I’m killing each and every one of them.” Mae replied.
        “I wouldn’t put it past her sir.”
        “Seth get Mae to her room, remind her who’s in charge as well, I’m tired of cleaning up her messes.”
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