Would You Rather? (Sneak Peak)

Would You Rather? (Sneak Peak)

Elizabeth, Danny, William, Mabel,Iris,and Taro was invited to a play a game, they weren't given any specifics about the game. The Host Freddy and his Colleges tells them all about the game in details, when they get there. The winner would get $100,000. What they don't know is what 24 hours of playing a game would cause them to make the toughest decisions. Each player has a backstory for why their there. Who will survive long enough to win the grand prize or will they all PeRiSh.. ( Pics are not mine, This is based on the movie Would you Rather)

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Let's Play a Game~

Let's Play a Game~

" Elizabeth, Danny, William, Mabel,Iris,Taro. I invite you to a play a game, nothing hard, i'm sure you played it before. Winner gets $100,000 Cash of Course. I will explain more when you get here. Meet me at the usual spot, me and my colleges will be there, game starts at 12pm, Don't be late." * phone line* That was the phone call each person got telling them about this strange game. It was mysterious it'd obvious that Freddy knew something they didn't. They all met at the usual spot at around 11:56pm the next day. Each person  introduces themselves and hanged out a bit before the mysterious game began. " Welcome Everyone, i'm sure you all are curious to this game, now Oli get the toys." Oli came out with a machine, a very old machine. Oli went around and put a helmet on every bodies head. " This is no ordinary game of Would you Rather, in this game What you choose you do..". Oli gave Elizabeth a large switch. " Elizabeth your up first, Would you rather, Shock Danny, or Shock yourself, Blue is for Danny, Red is for yourself, You have 10 seconds to decide." Elizabeth looked around, breathing heavily,Panicking, Danny telling her to shock herself...She pushed the Blue button, giving Danny one hell of a shock. " Very well Elizabeth." Oli took the helmet off of Elizabeth's Head, and giving Danny the Switch. "Now,Danny Would you rather,Shock William or Shock Yourself, Blue is for William,Red is for Yourself.You have 10 seconds to decide." Danny paused for a bit, the look on his face showed he really wanted to shock Elizabeth. He pushed the Blue button, giving William a shock to the head. "Very good Danny, Excellent!Now time for #2 of Round 1." Oli took the switch from Danny and gave it to Peter's wife, who was also there, She was at least 55 years. " Now Linda my dear, no hard feelings but, you have to be included in this. Would you rather Shock yourself or Shock Iris, You know the rules..you have 5 seconds on the clock." Linda turned her head side to side, she couldn't make up her mind. 5 seconds ran out. " Now, Now Dear, you can;t escape that easily..Jack! Get over here!". Tears ran down Linda's face, she was in shock but confused at the same time. Jack came in the room. " Son! Help me please.." Linda shouted. Everybody looked in shock. " Sorry mom..it's not my choice.." Jack said in vain. " Now jack..Punish Linda..You know what to do." Jack took the switch from Linda and pressed the middle button, that was hard to see. Pressing this button caused Everybody to be shocked, Except Elizabeth, since they took the helmet off her head. " I should have mentioned this before, oppsie.  But if you can't make a decision within the time frame your given everybody gets Shocked.Except Elizabeth, She is going through something that can possibly die and we don't want that." Everybody looked at Elizabeth, Curiously Danny asked her What she was going through. She responded," Curiosity Killed the Cat.."  Danny started laughing. Jack looked at Elizabeth and apologized. She looked back and smiled. " Why is Elizabeth Excused from Idk Possibility Dieing and we are not!" Taro Shouted. " BECAUSE SHE"S BEARING MY CHILD!" Jack shouted across the room. Everybody stood silent.
Peter broke the silence.  "Well that was exciting, Oh! Look at the time it's  12:00am... Now the real Game begins..."
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Chapter 1 for this story i made is a sneak peek for it, i'm not continuing this until i'm done with my other story sooo, yeah.
14 days ago