The Four Packs Survival Ways. (read about the packs is a MUST)

The Four Packs Survival Ways. (read about the packs is a MUST)

4 packs of wolves. They hunt,plan,and do much more, but isn't that a enough for you. Oh you want details of there lives. Well you came to the right place. To learn about all four clans.

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Chapter 1.


Alpha: Jumpingheart
Deputy: Sparktree
Medicine Wolf: Jumpbranch
Warriors: Oakleaf,Moonclaw,deadwing,dryfeather,and longleg
Queens: Junehowl,Tallpour,and Sunclaw
Elders : none

Located in the Windy tall grasses. for they find more prey there

Heart Warrior code:
1. Obey the leader, even if you disagree
2. treat each other equally. Even if their thick blood being split
3. Don't at eat high-sun, It's Coudpack checking hour.
4.  The pups shall stay in the nursery. After two moons their let out.
(more of this will be discovered as you go along the story)
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