My Backstory (1)

My Backstory (1)

this is my story. It's kinda lame but this is also my first story so here it goes.

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Chapter 1.

How it all started

I never really met my Mom. She died when I was just a baby and I didn't really know much about her but every day people say I look just like her. You maybe wondering how did my Mother die, Or how do people know who I am well let me explain that:
So my father is the King of Hell apparently and so my mother is the Queen. She was killed my one of Zalgo's demons. My three brothers Damien, Luke, and John all were kids about to become teenagers before she died so my dad was never really around I wasn't able to see him much before I got sent away. You see my Father is King well he is also part demon so my brothers and I have a demon side and my Mother was a Devil Hybrid and my brother's only got a little they got her vampire  side me on the other hand got her side the most so yeah I'm a Devil Hybrid. I also only new my father a little bit as you all know that he wan't around a whole bunch so my brothers took care of me and they cared for me!
I was always a sensitive child which makes sense but I was never afraid of danger and always got hurt and of course my brother's had to help me get better well that is before he sent me away that is...
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Comments (2)

what? No? I mean I don't think so. Like I said He was never really there. Conner told me to look up who my dad was and it said Hades
21 days ago
wait- so is ur dad Zalgo?-
21 days ago