The Last Person Standing! #2

Is it just me, or is the song Sincerely me really great? I cannot description.

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Chapter 1.

Rain is pushy

Rain casually shoved Oxx into the room.
“Oxx, Jesus Christ. Did you even come up with a challenge?” Rain said.
“I- of course I did!” He snapped.
“Then what is it?” She smirked because of course she did, she’s Rain.
“Hm.. whatever it is, Furry’s team should instantly lose.” He thought aloud.
“No.” Rain sighed. “Make up something based on what you like, or whatever.”
[After about thirty minutes of Oxx coming um with really bad ideas, and Furry jumping at him, saying nothing but “rawr”, before slipping back into the crowd, they had finally come up with something.]
“Okay,” Rain spoke extremely loudly, not even into the random dollar store microphones that they supplied.
“We’ve decides that we’ll set up this challenge together. Oxx will watch over you for the next, hopefully, at least ten minutes.”
As they stood around, they heard Rain screaming at Shade in the distance.
“What’s that about, eh, Oxx?” Furry was creepily winding around him, just to make him extremely uncomfortable.
Rain came back after awhile. “So, Oxx, have they gone Miley Cyrus on you? No? That’s good. So, the challenge was approved. Furry, you don’t get to compete today.”
“Wait, what?” Furry was separated from her team.
“Thenz will we havez a team of three?” Derp asked Rain.
“Exactly. You won the las- oh! I completely forgot to announce who’s losing a member. Team 4, come FOURTH.” Rain just had to sneek in a really stupid joke about the number four, because she’s Rain.
“What are we supposed to do again?” Asked one of the team four peeps.
“Just choose who you want voted out.” Oxx said.
[Ten minutes of very loud whispering.]
“Who’ll present us the loser?” Rain asked.
Alexandra stepped forward. “Lightbulb has been voted out.”
Furry was listening from a distance. “Aww! Yesterday you kill them, now you vote them out? Do you have no soul, dear?” Furry was extremely annoyed by the fact she couldn’t compete.
“Why can’t I compete, again?” She asked Rain, because Oxx already talked enough. To her dismay, Oxx answered. “Because you already have an understanding of the place we’re going, and your team would have the advantage if you were there with them. Not because you’re good or anything, just because you know the area.”
“What is this “ever so special” area you keep talking about?”
“Pssh? Didn’t we make it obvious? The void.” Rain answered.
“And what will they be doing?” Furry pushed.
“They’ll be trying to find their way back to the portal, that’s all. Ooh, that reminds me, Scribble, Anti! Get yo butts over here.” Rain screamed at dem bois.
“You won’t be competing today, either. It’s something to do with the void, and both of y’all have a decent knowledge of the void. Right, Scribble?” Rain leaned really close to Scribble.
For once, Oxx was being the smart one. “Aren’t we boring the readers by continuing this?”
“OXX! Stop with the fourth wall breaks! They don’t help anyone.”
“Hmph! How about YOU ask the readers that!”
“Rain, I have one question for you. Why is Oxx so stupid?” Furry asked.
What ended up happening is that Shade pushed them all into the void portal. They were ruining his lawn.
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on July 07, 2018
on July 07, 2018
on July 07, 2018
on July 07, 2018
I guess team 3.
on July 07, 2018
Team 3
on July 07, 2018