My pet Fox

My pet Fox

This is a story about a Fox alpha who get's caught by a princess and forced to become her daughters pet. It's full of action, drama, romance, and adventure. Read as the two grow close and get torn a part only to be brought back to gather.

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Chapter 1.
The begining of a new life

The begining of a new life

        A girl with long waist brown hair with brown eye's rode a black horse in the forest.  A hand full of men close behind as they closed in on a village.  As they grow close they all got off there horses and snuck around the village.  Once they wore all in there position the girl screamed attack. Every one started  running around fighting, some just running a way from it all.  Well the girl was cutting down some people that went after her she spotted a guy with long black hair that touched the floor run into one of the houses.  Ignoring it she went back to fighting and watched as the others set the houses on fire.  When they wore done tacking over the village she stood watching the guys tie up some of the villagers tell she herd a noise.

Leaving the small group she went looking for the noise and spotted the guy from be for on his nees looking around in shock.  The guy looked filled with despair, shock, and sadness as he stood there.  Walking up to him she eyed him with her sword ready if need be.  Standing in front of him she looked down at him as he hid his face in his hands with his had down.  She listen as he sobbed asking why they wore doing this and what did they wont.  We were sent here by King Yoshino to tack out this village that's bin steeling his triads of goods.  The girl said plainly startling the guy making him fall back words.  We did no such things, you should of spoke to our village leader be for you's attacked us.  The man said angrily as he stood on the floor.  You obviously don't know nothing about this village then because that's what they wore doing.  One of the guards said as they all came to see what was tacking the girl so long.

What are you doing, I told  you and the others to keep watch of the villagers tell the others come? The girl said as she looked angrily at the other men and watched as the one who spoke walked up to the man on the floor.  Don't worry we left some men to do that, I just wonted to make shore you wore OK.  The guard said amused as he looked from the guy to her.  I'm fine now go.  She demanded not tacking her eyes off him.  Ignoring her he started to walk around the guy on the floor and pulled out his sword.  Acting quickly the girl moved in front of him and put out her hand to stop him.  You know what the king's orders are, kill all the ones that cane fight and tie  up the others.  The guy said as he stood looking at her with his sword in hand.  No, not this one I plan to make him my pet so leave him be.  The girl said plainly as she stood her ground.  What are you talking about he's no animal, he's human just like me and you.  The guy said like she was crazy and went to cut down the other man.  

I will not let you kill this one, he is no human but a fox one that is rarer and told to bring good for chin.  The girl said sternly after she quickly put her sword to the guards neck.  Backing off the Guard left with out a word leaving her a lone with the guy.  

Looking at the black fox on the floor she stretched out her hand and grabbed his arm.  Hi, My name is Kioko from now on you will be my pet fox.  The girl said happily as she looked at his distant face that looked like his mind was some where ells.  Well she looked at him he suddenly grabbed her hand and through her hand a way from him.  Don't touche me with thoughs filthy hand that killed my lover and village.  He said angrily filed with hate and got up on his own.  Once the others came they all left with the ones they tied up.  When it got dark they maid camp and had some people look for food.  Kioko laid down by a fire she maid a little a way from the others not wanting to be close to the other men.  Well she laid down the fox guy stood siting near her finding out earlier that if he didn't one of the others would try to kill him.  He stood up haft a sleep laying agents a tree and listened to every thing around him.  

Well he listened he hared one of the men walk towards him and opened his eyes to see the guy from be for.  You should be thank full it was her that maid you her pet other wise you'd be died.  The guy said plainly as he eyed the fox.  Why should I, she was one of the meany that killed every one I know.  The fox said plainly as he looked from him to Kioko's sleeping figure.  She didn't tell you, She's King Yoshino's daughter.  I don't know what she sees in you but you better hope  she don't louse interest in you because if she do's.  You'll wind up one of the meany men who be came a man hoer for the rich lonely women in the Yoshino palace.  By the way, don't fall in love with her.  She's a mired women with two kids.  The guy said plainly be for he walked a way leaving the fox to think.  

The fox watched as the guy left and thought about what he said.  It bothered him all night so much he didn't get to sleep and be for he know it the group was moving again. Long after they came to the gates of the Yoshino clans palace.  He looked around as he fallowed Kioko to the castle and wondered how did the people of his village get in.  Once they wore in the castle walls Kioko took him with her to see her father and speak to him.  As they got close he could heir a man screaming at some one about Kioko.  Not saying any thing he looked down and capped his head low.  When Kioko opened a door something came flying out at her but it missed her.  Father please calm down, I simply wish to make him my pet nothing more.  Kioko said politely as she walked up to her father's desk and stood there with the fox behind her.  "I refuse to let my daughter who is marred with two kids have a pet!"  "If it was for your daughter I wouldn't mind but it doesn't look right for a marred woman to have a pet like him around!"  Mr. Yoshino yelled angrily at Kioko who stared at him plainly.  

If it will please you, then my he be assigned to be my daughters pet.  He is a black fox of the Amane fox clan, he will Shirley bring us good for chin and luck.  She said politely as she watched her father think about it knowing about the Amane Clan. Sighing he nodded his had yes and looked at her.  If I do this though, you have to make shore he dos not escape or do any thing harmful to this king dome you heir me.  Mr. Yoshino said as he pointed to the fox behind her.  As you wish father, I will do my best as all ways and thank you.  She said be for she bowed and left with the fox.  The fox didn't know where she was tacking him but fallowed any way tell they came to a strange looking door with carvings on it that he never seen be for.  If you see carvings on a door like this it means its the room of a royal family member.  You are not to enter it in less given permission to.  Kioko said kindly as she looked from the door to him, then opened the door.  

Looking in he saw a small little girl by the age of 7 with long brown hair that reached her waist siting on the floor.  Putting down her toys the girl ran up to Kioko and hugged her tightly.  I'm glad you maid it back OK mommy, I was so worried about you.  The little girl said happily as she looked up at her.  It's good to see you to honey, I'm here to show you your new pet fox.  Kioko said nicely to her daughter well she heeled her in her arms.  Looking past her mother she saw a handsome man standing there and looked at him strangely.  Are you shore that's a guy and not a girl mother, he looks like a girl to me.  The little girl said confused as she let Kioko go.  "Rikiya", I raised you to be beater then that so act like it.  Kioko said sternly as she eyed her daughter who put her head down and pouted.  

Sorry mommy, but are you shore how cane he be my pet fox when he looks like a human man as well as the face of a girl?  Rikiya said confused as she moved past her mother to stand in front of the fox.  I thank you for the compliment my lady, your mother calls me a fox because that is what I truly am.  I come from a fox clan not fare from here, you may name me how ever you see fit.  The fox said plainly as he looked down at her then kneeled down so he was the same height as her.  OK how about Shoji, it means possession  just like you are my possession now.  Rikiya said like a happy child and smiled at him.  The fox simply looked at her and bowed his head.  If that is what you wish my lady so let it be.  He said plainly then stood up and looked to Kioko who was looking at Rikiya.  Well I'm sorry I cant stay longer but I have other things I have to a tend to.  If you need me just tell a maid and I'll come OK honey. Kioko said kindly be for she left the room leaving the two a lone in the room.  

So Shoji what you think we should do today?  Rikiya asked as she looked up at him well he looked down at her plainly.  What ever you wish to do my lady, I am not a lowed to tell you what to do for I am a mere pet for you.  He said plainly closing his eyes thinking of a way to get in contact with his clan.  OK how about I wash your hair well you tack a bath.  She said excited as she bounced up and down.  If that is what you wish, I will start the bath well you get ready.  He said then went to the bath room and started ruining the worm water.  Once the big bath tub was full he called for Rikiya who came running in.  Yay, now I cane play with your long hair. Rikiya said happily as she ran her fingers through his hair and felt like his hair had goop in it.  What's in your hair, it's slimy.  She asked grossed out still felling his hair.  when I was on my way to the human village your mother attacked I was fighting with a octopus and it got a way by squirting me with its ink.  I was going to bathe in my friends house but just as I entered his house the village was under a tack.  He said plainly looking at the water he sat in thinking about the memory of it.

Rikiya looked at the back of his had confused but then smiled at the thought of using her shampoo on his hair.  Don't worry, I have some thing for your hair and it will make it shinny to.  She said happily then went to get it and came back fast.  Well she was rubbing the shampoo in his hair she started to see silver and tried to clean his hair faster.  When she was done she got a bucket and started dumping water on his hair.  Gasping in shock she starred at his shining silver hair and ran her fingers though it again.  You have such lovely hair, this means your from the Mana Fox Clan not the  Amane Clan.  If you get a way some how will you tack me with you, I'm sick of being here.  They don't let me leave my room unless they won't me to go with them to some boring meeting.  Like tomorrow they won't me to go to a meeting about an arranged marriage between me and some other kid.  I don't won't to be engaged to thoughts stupid peoples son, he's an ass.  Rikiya said annoyed as she finished washing his hair.

Shoji didn't say any thing and just stood quite and watched as she left the bath room so he could finish his bath.  Once he was he dried up, got dressed, and left the bath room.  When he entered the room Rikiya looked at him in thought well she sat on her bed.  Could you change to look like a fox and carry me to the garden?  She asked in wonder as she eyed him and watched as she walked up to her.  With out a word he did as she asked and changed to look like a fox but he wasn't small.
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