The Stars Path: The Trail (Read Description)

The Stars Path: The Trail (Read Description)

(I have removed Music Clan and made this story more fitting for the Warrior series) Watch as Four clans deputies become leader of their clan, but there’s a secret waiting for them when they pass on to the leadership side. Shall they be safe or perish in pools of blood?

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Chapter 1.


Leader: Howlingstar. A black tom with white spots.
Deputy: Midnightcloud. A Black she-cat with white paws, white ear tips, and white tail tip.
Medicine Cat: Cloverleaf. A White tom with brown ears and paws.
Moonhowl. A all black tom.
Strongtooth. A brown tom with a black ear and tail.
Darkpelt. A black tom with white patches.
Tinyclaw. A white she-cat with black patches.
Jumpingclaws. A white tabby She-cat.
Hugetail. a blue silver tom.
Sharptongue. A Brown tom with a silver mussel and silver tail tip
Braveeyes. A Brown She-cat.
Fallenmoon. A brown she-cat with Dark tabby markings.
Whiteheart. A white she-cat.
Longleg. A White and brown She-cat
Dawncould. A golden she-cat
Goldenfang. A golden she-cat with tabby markings
Mistyeye. A silverish blue tom.
Loyalnose. a Gray she-cat.
Brownleaf. A brown tom.
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