Color me Shadow...? {Reader'sOCXShadow...?}

Color me Shadow...? {Reader'sOCXShadow...?}

The spiritual successor to Color me Foxy, this parody takes the Sonic universe and turns it into a whirlpool of badness.

published on August 23, 201546 reads 25 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The fanfiction...

The fanfiction...

        Shadow was running through the Green Hill zone, trying to find that "Damn 4th Chaos Emerald." He was been looking for it 4 years, now. He looked around, when suddenly...
        "SHADOW-KUN!!!" Shadow was pounced by a/an (Color of OC) blur. "Agh! What the--?!" muttered Shadow as he looked at a strange (Species of OC) that had gotten on top of him.
        "Hi! I'm (Oc's name)! You're Shadow! I like you!" said this odd (Species of OC). She smiled as she got a bit closer to Shadow's face, only to be yelled at. "GET OFF!" bellowed an angry Shadow. The black hedgehog shoved her off of his body as he got back up. Shadow grumbled as he ran off, only to hit some spikes that forced him to lose his rings. "Damn it!" he said.
        (Oc's name) shrieked and said, "Shadow-chan! You're hurt!" She got down on her knees to hold Shadow, who got up as soon as she tried to hold him.
        "What is wrong with you? I don't have time for games," Shadow said, "I need to find the 4th Chaos Emerald." With that, he sped off into the distance, escaping the (OC's species) that tried to show interest in him.
        (OC's name) started to cry. She just wanted to be Shadow's, and he only seems interested in "some stupid gem." (Male OC's name) approached her. "Hey, (OC's name)?" he asked, "What's wrong?" (Oc's name) told him about her unsuccessful attempt to charm Shadow.
        "Well," (Male OC's name) said, "if he won't love you... I will." He blushed after saying this, and (OC's name)'s eyes began to sparkle.
        After this moment, the two fell in love, and went on many dates. Meanwhile, Shadow had found the 4th Emerald, only to spend more time searching for the 5th one.

        THE END.
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