HaPpY tHoUgHtS

A story about a girl who kill people for fun. A mask appeared in her face because of her depression. A depression called Smiling depression. Trying to get revenge on her enemies. And kill innocent people for fun.

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Chapter 1.

ChApTeR 1

My Name is Jojo. People call me that. Don't ask why.
I'm just your average 14 year old and I have smiling depression. It all started when my mom and dad argue to much that they divorced. Its really sad. I had to live with my mom, who is really abusive to me. But I covers it up when I'm at school.

I am a freshman starting 9th grade. So far good grades. I also have friends. But I didn't told them about my depression. I always smiled it out. Like I'm a puppet. So if someone either call me bad names or just beat me up for no reason, I covered my face with a smile. And I said, "Ha ha! Good one!" But all of this is a lie.

One day I went to school. It was morning time and I was headed strait to band class. Then a girl came up to me. She look at me with a mean, sinister look. I looked at her. "Excuse me? Is there a problem?" ' I said looking confused. "You know D*mn well there is a problem!" The girl said. I really don't know what's going on but my friends text me about a girl stealing her Best friend. But I didn't pay attention. Besides, he came up to me and ask to be friends. And I said yes. He is really nice too. "I don't know what you're talking about. Now, if you excuse me. I need to get to class. I don't want to be late." I walked passed her and keep heading to band.

I saw my other friends and my ex. Don't ask about my ex boyfriend. Were friends now. I waved at them and went inside the band room. I put my stuff down so I can talk to my ex. I went outside again and smiled. "Hi John! How was you're weekend?" I said running towards him. He replied. "Busy. I've been working all weekend and I'm very tired." "Oh my. That's bad. I know have a job and everything but please get some rest. You look awful." I told him.
John was just a junior in highschool. He skipped a grade because of his intelligence. Me and him took the same class last semester. It was fun until it lasted. Now he work at a super market. He got a car and he was kinda rich. I remember that night he took me to homecoming. It was romantic at first, then we went to his place and played videogames. What a fun night. But now he looks mature and old. But... Cute. Oops excuse me.
"So have you been brushing your teeth properly? You told me that you have a cavity."
I looked at him.
"Yes. Yes I've had. And floss too."
"Ah. Good. I want you to be cute and wonderful. You know that." He said.
"I'm not cute..." I said mumbling.
I hate when he goes big brother on me.
He chuckled a bit then look at that girl that I met.
"Hey Jojo. Isn't that girl that talked to you earlier? She looked pissed."
I looked. "What?" "I turned around. "Oh no... Here comes trouble..."
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