The Darkness.

The Darkness.

The three had gotten lost, somehow finding themselves in a clan. They decided to stay there. For now, at least. Little did they know...

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Chapter 1.


Leader - Willowstar. (Brown tom with torn ear.)

Deputy - Roseblade (russet she-cat)

Medicine cat -  Softfur (White, fluffy she-cat)



Leader - Streamstar (Silver she-cat with white stripes, missing ear)

Deputy - Brownspot (Light brown tom with dark brown splotch)

Medicine cat - Shortlegs (golden tom with missing eye and short legs.)
Apprentice - Longlegs (Completely black tom with long legs, scar on leg)



Leader - Dogstar (Small brown she-cat with torn ear)

Deputy - Bravepool (Russet colored tom)

Medicine cat - Whitefur (old compete white tom)
Apprentice - Gingerpaw (light ginger she-cat)



Leader - Mothstar (White she-cat with brown and gray flecks)

Deputy - Bluepelt (blue-grey she-cat with scar on leg and scar across eye)

Medicine cat - Whitestripe (Brown she-cat with white stripes)
Apprentice - Rabbitears (white she-cat with brown ears and paws)



Leader - Whitestar (white tom with black muzzle, scar on chest.)

Deputy - Maplewind (light brown she-cat with white flecks)

Medicine cat - Silvertail (Cream she-cat with silver tail and paws.)
Apprentice - Snowwind (white tom)



Leader - Ashstar (Completely gray tom)

Deputy -  Spottedtail (Black she-cat with white flecks, scars on back left leg)

Medicine cat - Crowwing (Black she-cat with a long scar across muzzle)
Apprentice-  Sandpaw (pale ginger she-cat)



Leader - Hopestar (Blue-grey she cat with white paws, muzzle, and chest.)

Deputy - Voleleap (Brown she-cat with white paws)

Medicine cat - Pantherleap (golden she-cat with black flecks, unusually sharp teeth)



Leader - Fawnstar (Light brown she-cat with white underbelly and spots)

Deputy -  Palepelt (Pale yellow tom)

Medicine Cat - Browneye (Dark brown tom with light brown eyes)



Leader - Blackstar. (Black tom with white paws, scar on tail)

Deputy - Cleareyes (Golden she-cat with clear blue eyes)

Medicine Cat - Flowermoon. (Pale cream she-cat with black and white flecks)



Leader - Featherstar (sleek ginger tom)

Deputy - Seafur (Pale blue-grey tom, missing ear.)

Medicine Cat - Ravenfur (Black tom, blind eye)
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