Memory Of The Moon

Memory Of The Moon

(The description in unavailable, due to your lack of reading the book. If you want to know what the story is about, just read it c: )

published on December 01, 20154 reads 2 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


Her mother was asleep on the couch, so Adrenna thought this would be a great time to do what she loved, but she wasn't allowed outside after dark, since wolves were known to pace through the yard.

Adrenna slowly opened the door and made sure her mother didn't wake up, this was hard to do, but Adrenna was a pro! She stepped out onto the porch and instantly caught sight of a giant moon in front of her, though hovering above the forest that covered half of her yard. Adrenna stepped down onto the stairs, though not loosing sight with the moon at any moment. She sat down and stared aimlessly at the large planet in the sky, hearing wolves howling in the distance (she ignored this).

Adrenna loved all thoughts of the moon. Like, cows on the moon! Or aliens! Or another life form..

But what Adrenna loved most about the moon, is knowing she could possibly go there.. Maybe.. Just maybe..
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Great story
Thank you
on December 01, 2015
on December 01, 2015