In this world, there are several continents. These continents are called Hyrule, Fiore, Death Vegas, Hogwarts, Half-Blood Hill, Storyland, and Miscellaneous. There was an earthquake, and, suddenly, everything collided. Their worlds became one, the monsters more feral, the water more venomous... It's hell.

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Chapter 1.

1 - Miki Screech, Hyrule

I'd like to say today was normal, but then I'd be lying. Nothing was normal. In fact, it seemed like everything had turned upside-down. Even my breakfast tasted weird...or maybe that was just my cooking. Either way, something was wrong. My kid brother, Jynx, just blew it off. He just thinks I'm nuts. He's really insensitive. Dumbass. I don't think I'm crazy. I think he's crazy. Today was weird, and I knew it. Everyone knew it. Today was the day it happened.

The earthquake was huge, bigger than anything I'd ever seen or heard. I heard trees crash to the ground, mountains capsizing... It was absolutely horrifying. But then, it just stopped. Jynx believed me now, I was sure. The ground had split, moved... I looked outside. Everything looked horrible, but our new townhouse in Castle Town still managed to stay intact. I heard a loud noise and my brother practically tackled me. "Miki, what the hell was thAT?!"
"Earthquake, maybe...?" I wasn't sure.
"Whatever it was, it totally messed everything up! Look!" He pointed at a distant area in the horizon.
"Is that-"
He nodded. "Yeah, that's DV."

DV stood for Death Vegas, home of Witches, Kishins, Weapons, Meisters, Grim Reapers, and the world-famous Death Weapon Meister Academy. That didn't make sense, though; Death Vegas was a whole ocean away! Then, I realized something. That earthquake didn't just shake things around a bit, it moved everything.

To our North, there was Death Vegas. To our Northeast, far out in the distance, there was Hogwarts. To our East, Fiore. To our South, there was Half-Blood Hill. In the Southwest, Storyland. Then, finally, on the western side, there was Miscellaneous, the wastelands. That place is a dump, and here, in big, bustling Hyrule, people drop dead, following like lemmings at the mercy of my brother. Even we're more civilized than the Wastes.

At Hogwarts, there was a giant castle in the center, surrounded by little towns. This castle was actually a school called Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Witches and Wizards attended, each all sorte into little houses called Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. They were a generally decent bunch of people, but they looked kind of weird, different from my brother and I; less lanky, well-tamed hair, nice clothes, rounded ears, the works. Weirdos.

Next, there was Fiore. Fiore was where magical places called Guilds lived. The majority of the inhabitants are all wizards, and they cause mass-destruction with their magic. Most of the guilds are fine, but Hyrule tends to have problems with Fairy Tail, the strongest Guild. They all think they're better than us, the lot of them.

Half-Blood Hill is a bit like Hogwarts, what with the kids having almost the equivalent amount of magic power as the Hogwarts kids. They can stay and their home, Camp Half-Blood, as long as they need to, though, NOT just 7 years.

In Storyland, there are multiple towns. It's basically a bunch of characters that were used in stories. I have a pen pal from there, actually. Honey Quinn. She's chill.

Finally, there's Miscellaneous, the Wastelands. All the inhabitants of our world that were scrapped, forbotten, or don't fall into a fandom. Inhabitants like Maria Eclipse, Rustpelt, Cake, Selphy, Yano... They're all mostly wasted potential. Now, though, we're all together. We've collided.
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