Destined For Disaster: The Sequel

Destined For Disaster: The Sequel

It's been 3 years. 3 years since Jynx left. 3 years since Salaria died, for real. Ceres' visions had been quiet. She was a psychic without psych. Just...ick. Now, they were all starting to wonder...were the visions even real? Astrid's weaving her web, and there's no going back. An eye for an eye, viva la kill.

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Chapter 1.

The Isle of Ember

"Astrid." A tall boy walked into the fortune teller's home. He had pale silver eyes and a shock of jet black hair. Scimitar strapped to his waist, knife in hand, he looked rather intimidating.
The red-haired woman looked up from her crystal ball, a crinkly smile making its way to her pale pink lips. "Z, darling. It's so nice to see you again." She cooed.
"I know where he is now. The plan is finally coming together." Z leaned up against the wall.
Astrid's hands shot up to cover her mouth. She giggled like a child that'd gotten an extra scoop of ice cream. "Z, that's wonderful! I'm so happy!"
"Your daughter is getting suspicious, though. The magic is wearing off. The pictures and memories won't last much longer. She's currently staying with his sister. What do you suppose we do?"
The woman's breath caught in her throat. "The sister? We can't keep her around. She needs to go."
"Who do we need?" Z crossed his arms.
"You know who."
"Do I?" He smirked. He knew exactly what he meant.
"Bring in Dare. I know she's here."

A few moments later, a well-muscled, teenaged girl, clad in a gray tunic, black wool leggings, and leather boots stepped in. Her dark-and-light blue hair was tied up in a bun at the top of her head, her ruby red eyes gleaming. "You called?"
"Ravelynn, dear. It's been quite some time. I'm absolutely ecstatic that you decided to come back with Z. We have a job for you."
"I'm listening." Ravel twirled a stray hair, smiling.
"We've already lost one life to this lie, why not another?" Astrid clasped her hands together.
"You want to con your way into another person dying?" Ravel raised an eyebrow.
"No... Conning will take too long. I want you to go there yourself and eliminate Miki Screech. You know how to do it. She's your sister, she won't suspect a thing. Get her alone and slice." Astrid instructed.
Ravel nodded. "Sounds fun. When do I leave?"
"Right now. Let's keep up the con."
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