Top of The World: Dark vs Light

Top of The World: Dark vs Light

Honara Lonoku lives in a society that is separated into 2 parts Dark and Light. Trying to stay at peace a war breaks loose and terrible things happen.

published on July 12, 20167 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

    Darks: They live in the woods little houses not a lot of people or animals surrounding them just a little place that they meet around and hang with other darks planning something big maybe I don’t know maybe just maybe. Some are there because of reasons that no one knows because before Hailey Richards became leader the darks were unknown if someone went missing we would tell the leader and have them search if they are found in the dark sectors well then you are fresh outta luck there my friend.
    Lights: The good people never would hurt a fly, loves animals, some may be shy at first but they are wonderful. They assign mentors based on your special ability it’s just you get a mentor they train you with everything in the outside world you’d know them as teachers. Some are nice some are strict and some will give you homework even though Homework Wednesday is banned
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