Abnormal Days: Lore bible

Abnormal Days: Lore bible

A collection of abridged stories I planned for Abnormal Days. I'm only making this because I haven't been successful in making the webcomic. I'll release each arc separately from time to time, but each will take a long time.

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Story Arc 1 (Pliggy Arc)

Story Arc 1 (Pliggy Arc)

One morning during the summer, Corbijn and Nolly woke up, and Nolly is immediately excited and wants to play. After Corbijn gets dressed and the two have breakfast, the two head to the park.

Meanwhile, Pliggy is gloating about the ancient amulet he discovered from a very old book, and is researching it with one of his henchmen. As they soon discover, the amulet requires three “eyes” that fit into parts of the amulet, but the vague translation leads Pliggy to believe he could conquer the world with the amulet once he has all three.

Corbijn and Nolly are walking to the park when Nolly comes across a skull with three Eye-sockets. The skull in question comes to life with one glowing yellow eye, and floats in front of Corbijn, causing the latter to grab Nolly and run. The skull, who later introduces himself as Theodore, chases after Corbijn and Nolly, requesting their assistance. From a distance, however, a scout for Pliggy has witnessed Corbijn discover the skull, but while hiding and relating the details of his findings, ends up losing track of where Corbijn and Nolly went.

Pliggy hears about Corbijn and the skull, and immediately believes that Corbijn is aware of Pliggy’s plot. He also gets informed that the skull has one of the eyes that belong to the amulet, further establishing the connection. While he is a bit annoyed by this and sends more scouts to learn more about this young man, B-17, a henchman, appears with an orange eye that fits into a socket of the amulet. Pliggy congratulates him, and then proceeds to ask about forming an elite squad in case the plan goes further south from Corbijn’s meddling.

Back at the house, Corbijn and Nolly are told more about Theodore and the amulet. According to Theodore, the amulet was made back when he was a mortal wizard fighting against a demon king. He suspects that if his three eyes, two of which he has lost, are put into the amulet, the demon king will return to ruin the land and coat it in a tyrannical state.

Corbijn seems skeptical at first, but after considering the fact that a magic skull of all things was talking to him, he decides to help Theodore.

As Corbijn and Nolly prepare to go on the quest, Nolly spots that a beastman bunny is spying on them and decides to pursue him. Corbijn and Theodore follow behind until the spy eventually escapes Nolly and reports back to Pliggy. Pliggy is surprised by this, but has a plan. He divides his henchmen into three groups; one group for leading Corbijn into the base, another to capture Corbijn and hold him hostage while in the base, and the last one for finding the other eye.

As Pliggy prepares the plans, he decides that each group needs a leader other than himself, as he is going to go with the Searching Group. As everybody goes on break, he decides to wander the town, and stumbles upon two people of great strength that he decides should be part of the elite group leaders. The first one was a middle aged man child known as Cuddlestein2014, who only goes by his username from a fanbase-website. Cuddlestein has an outburst of anger at the local McDonnie’s, caused due to a lack of Schezuapn sauce, that results in tables flipped, the counter jumped on, and a cash register being kicked into the play-place. Pliggy sees this strength as absolutely remarkable, and decides that hiring him will open the opportunity to Channel this anger into defeating his new nemesis. Later on, he comes across a Misandrist who starts a similar ruckus due to a man sitting at a single chair. She accuses him of “manspreading” despite the fact that he was seated in a normal position, and proceeds to rant and throw the man around. Pliggy offers to hire her for the exact same reasons as he did with Cuddlestein, but Misandrist initially refuses because Pliggy is “Cis Scum.” After Pliggy convinces her that he is actually “Poliogender akioqueer,” she joins his cause. Pliggy later informs the henchmen who have to work with her that they have to come up with genders in order to keep her on their side.

As Pliggy’s plan is set into action, Corbijn is attacked by a weaker henchman. The henchman throws the fight, tells Corbijn and Theodore about Pliggy and the base, and claims that the other two eyes are already held inside. The three heroes proceed to make their way to the base, with the henchman getting back up and chuckling to himself. “That fool doesn’t know what’s about to hit him...!” Ironically, the henchman is unaware of a rampant driver that drives their car into him, leaving him hospitalized for the remainder of the Arc.

As Corbijn, Nolly, and Theodore are “bread-crumb trailed” towards Pliggy’s base, Cuddlestein is experimenting with energy drinks to create a sort of tonic in the name of an anime goddess(?), which results in a beverage that awakens the consumer to the use of spiritual energies for a short period of time. This beverage in question is dubbed “Shōnen Rush” and Cuddlestein has some of his sub-ordinates produce more of this bizarre mixture to keep him powerful.

Corbijn comes across the beverage and drinks it down himself, turning him into an alter-ego known as “Baka Boom.” Baka Boom is distinguished by his mint-green spiky hair, which surprises a few henchmen unlucky enough to experience Baka Boom’s debut. After Corbijn is brought back as the effects wear off, he begins to try to get more Shōnen Rush in order to have the powers once more. Theodore claims that the drinks may have very dangerous effects along side the power boost, but Corbijn ignores this.

When Corbijn faces Cuddlestein, the two have a very lackluster battle with “pseudo-martial arts,” as one henchman witness calls it. However, it isn’t until they both consume Shōnen Rush that they have a more serious battle, with Corbijn becoming Baka Boom and Cuddlestein2014 turning into Lord Trunchleon. During the over-the-top battle, Corbijn’s victory is ensured due to his lighter frame allowing the transformation to last longer. After Cuddlestein is defeated, the heroes are lead to the entrance of Pliggy’s base, but not before Corbijn starts to rummage through the coolers nearby to collect several cans of Shōnen Rush.

Theodore scolds Corbijn for not only taking these cans, but for continuing his consumption of the beverage itself. Corbijn doesn’t seem to care, but the side effects become more apparent as Corbijn begins to appear even weaker than usual and suffers night terrors continuously. The weaker body combined with the addictive chemicals in Shōnen Rush only worsens his condition, and Nolly and Theodore become completely concerned for him.

As Corbijn and the gang are heading to the base, Pliggy is joined by a handful of henchmen, including B-17. As they are tracking down the eyes, they come across Linguini, a elemental wizard, and his brother "Uncle" Stewie, who notably has lavender skin.

Linguini inspect the jewel, noting that it seems to have magic properties. While Uncle Stewie claims that the gem eye would be worth a good sum of money, but when Linguini senses a few not-so-friendly energies, they decide to discuss the eye later. Pliggy's search party surrounds them, and Pliggy uses a radar to prove that the brothers have the remaining jewel. After demanding Linguini to hand over the gem, which results in refusal, Pliggy proceeds to show his strength as the head honcho by socking Linguini in the gut and taking the red eye. Now with both the Red and Orange eyes in their possession, Pliggy's forces are tasked with a new plan to get Corbijn and the Yellow eye.

Meanwhile, Theodore and the gang enter Pliggy's base and begin investigating. While Corbijn is challenged to avoid drinking Shōnen Rush, he does manage to fight back via clumsiness. Nolly also seems to fight many guards off with a stick, which turns out to be a very sturdy branch from a rare tree. After going through a few rooms, the heroes end up in a trap room, and are forced to battle the Misandrist. Corbijn tries to avoid her attacks, and even has an argument with her throughout, but eventually decides to chug down another can of Shōnen Rush to overpower her as Baka Boom. After the fight, the real plan is revealed. Theodore tells Corbijn and Nolly that they must venture into the woods to stop Pliggy from retrieving the Red Eye, unaware that Pliggy already does.

Eventually, Corbijn and the gang meet Linguini and Uncle Stewie, and after some brief conversation, Corbijn agrees to pay Pliggy back by punching him in the gut in a similar manner that Linguini was punched in. Uncle Stewie stays home while Linguini joins the heroes in their quest.

The four heroes venture deeper into the woods, as Theodore and Linguini act as the guides, with Linguini locating Pliggy’s energy and Theodore knowing a bit about the woods. Eventually, they get close to an ancient temple that Pliggy’s army rested at. One of the scouts grabs Nolly and sprints for the temple, and the heroes proceed to chase after him. Corbijn is very upset at this and starts to have a mini-breakdown, which is shortly stopped as Linguini comforts him, and tells him that he could still feel Nolly’s energy.

At last, Corbijn, Linguini, and Theodore arrive to the temple. They race up the stairs to encounter Pliggy. As it turns out, Pliggy is holding Nolly hostage, and won’t return him until he’s given the yellow eye to the amulet. Theodore and Corbijn look at each other, and after a short discussion...

Theodore falls to the ground, his yellow eye was now removed. Though he could still speak, he has lost his other magical abilities. Corbijn hands Pliggy the eye and quickly hugs Nolly. Pliggy proceeds to insert the final eye into his amulet, which causes the sky to turn to night without warning. As Pliggy wears the amulet, the temple begins to float and break apart. His body becomes muscular and towers over many. The moon turns red and reveals a twisted, distorted face of pure evil. Pliggy becomes what he refers to as "Super Pliggy."

Super Pliggy easily becomes a powerful menace, as Linguini uses his spells to combat him. Corbijn tries to help out using martial arts, but seems to do even less damage than the spells. Pliggy swats Linguini around and then knocks Corbijn onto the ground with incredible ease, and Corbijn is forced to drink one last can of Shonen Rush. Theodore is worried that Corbijn could die, but Nolly brings the can anyway as Corbijn reasons that he'd "rather die and let Linguini care for Nolly than let Pliggy create an apocalypse." Gulping down the last can, Corbijn turns into Baka Boom. "This is the final time I do this. I'm going all out!"

Baka Boom and Super Pliggy engage in a very intense battle, fists and ki blasts being thrown everywhere, many watching in awe, and a demonic moon cackling. Eventually, Pliggy is damaged quite a bit, but Baka Boom has much more wounds. He collapses onto his knees, and seems to revert slowly back into Corbijn... until Corbijn suddenly is overcome with massive amounts of red energy, and he gets back up. He has only a few seconds left, and he's broken his usual power limit. Now dubbed "Final Baka Boom," he eyes something off about the amulet. One of the eye sockets on it is damaged, and the eye seems loose.

Final Baka Boom quickly charges at Super Pliggy, but turns invisible for a brief moment. Super Pliggy, unharmed, begins to laugh, and calls his opponent useless before he realizes what he's done. As Final Baka Boom reverts into a healthier version of Corbijn, Super Pliggy shrinks down slightly. With the yellow eye stolen back, Corbijn goes in for one last punch... right into Pliggy's gut!

The amulet's eyes fall out, Pliggy hits the ground and returns to his normal form, the moon is restored, and the temple is pieced back together. And the end of it all, Corbijn is exhausted, Pliggy and Linguini have taken a beating, and the truth is revealed. Not only is one of Pliggy's henchmen a spy for the Villains Regulation Association, but he tells everyone that the plan Pliggy had was against the rules as it endangered the planet. It's revealed that the amulet was created to destroy the world rather than conquer it, which surprises everyone except Theodore. Pliggy is brought to jail, and everybody except Corbijn, Linguini, and Nolly leaves. Theodore's eyes are reinserted into his sockets, bringing him many magical powers. "Thank you, Corbijn. Linguini. Nolly. You all did a great job. But, this is where we say goodbye." Theodore tells them that they must go home, and that he'll take care of the amulet and ruins.

Once everybody is gone, Theodore self-destructs taking out the amulet and temple ruins, but where his explosion covers brings out new wild life.

Linguini and Uncle Stewie thank Corbijn and Nolly for their efforts and they go on their way. At night, Corbijn and Nolly sleep... but Nolly can't help but wake up. Nolly heads to the window to look at the moon. It's now golden. He looks closer to see a strange mark that vaguely resembles him. And the mark's outline glows gently, as if to mark a blessing.

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