The Great Race2- 1A

The Great Race2- 1A

Once again. 18 teams race around the world. This first one will be starting slow. like everything i make

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Chapter 1.


Ryan: Hello, i am Ryan. And i will be hosting this season of the great race. We're I am gathered in Washington DC. which will be the starting location of this race around the world. We have 18 teams coming to the starting line. So let me introduce the teams. First, we the winning team from the first season. Thomas and Cyra. But no called Thomra instead of daters.
Thomas: Yeah! We're going to win again
Cyra: I doubt that. We won last time. I don't think we'll win again.
Thomas: You won the race. And a The challenge season.
Cyra: Good point.
Ryan: Also from the first season, we got Friendly Rivals, TC pros, and Adventure sisters
Derp: Yayz.
Alex: I'm SO glad to be here again.
Derp: That soundz sarcazticz.
Alex: It was.
Ruby: Why. I'm glad to be here.
Misty: Same
Ryan: That's about it for the past teams. Now we got 14 new teams.
Jaz: That's alot.
Ryan: Yeah. The next teams are Free Will and No name. Which is Peter and Summer, and Steve and Attmoz
Peter: HELLO!!!
Steve: Hi
Ryan: We got team Crazy and team Tikis. Which is Akari and Yuno, and Tyky and Cheif tiki.
Tyky: Hey everyone.
Angel: Seriously. Is everyone going to say hi.
Yuno: Ok, i'll change it. Good bye. *starts walking away*
Akari: get back here
Ryan: Here we got team Kyodia Ai.
Leo: Hello... *trips*
Ryan: So far. This has been my favorite introduction.
Ellie: Yay
Ryan: And the next team. Team a name that has to be better... than... all... the... other... team's. Hmmm... THANK YOU TO WHOEVER MADE THAT! Now i have to say that everyday you guys survive.
Aiz-Lynn: Haha! Good!
Casey: What's wrong with it.  You can just say TANHTBBTATOT.
Ryan: I hate long names.
Aiz-Lynn: Don't be picky. YEAH!
Ryan: We're kind of short of time. So i'll quickly do the other teams. Gemshine, Amber and Emerald, Truth hurts, Heather and Raven, Azureble, Tsu and Azu, Berry's Lesly and Tony.
Tony: There's alot of people here.
Ryan: And Life hits you hard, Marco and Yugari, Dumbasses, Oliver and Yarii, and Salty pretzels, Kayla and Haxed.
Haxed" Y-y-yeah!
Oliver: No. that's the stupidest team name possible.
Kayla: Like your's any better. You're called Dumbasses.
Alex: Isn't there supposed to be censoring???
Ryan: We lost it in budget cuts.
Marco: That doesn't make sense.
Ryan: Whatever. Anyways. That's all the teams.
Ryan: Oh yeah... the team no one cares about. Girl power. June and Skye.
June: HEY!
Skye: June. Calm.
June: Fine.
Ryan: Now we have all the teams.
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on March 25
Yaaas I already love myself!!!
on March 25
on March 25