The Princess Of The Sky Part 2

The Princess Of The Sky Part 2

This is the part 2 of my story of "The Princess of the sky and like I said once I felt better I would make a part2 so enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
The Date

The Date

It's been a month since Snowflake and Flash started dating and now they're now living together and today is graduation day for them and their friends."Flash I'm scared "
Snowflake told him"Why What's wrong my Snowflake "Flash said kissing her "Today is graduation day Flash and we are ever going to see our friends again "Snowflake stated and started to cry"Oh please don't cry Snowflake I told them not to go the college "Flash stated."Oh no we're going to be late for graduation "Snowflake said once they got dress and at the graduation.They got their dopamines and that night was their fifth date."Snowflake will you marry me "Flash stated as he bends down on one knee with a ring in one hand "Yes Flash "Snowflake said while crying "Please don't cry Snowflake "Flash said while graping her hand and started walking home.They got in their pjs and kiss all night long then they stopped kissing and look at Snowflake's  face and she smiled at the ring then they started kissing again.
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