A young man named Adam searches for his sister in the ruin of the mortal world, even if he has to travel into vampire territory.

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Chapter 1.

The Past

Bloodlust that's all I felt once they let me out of the cage, they locked me in a room with several other kids and didn't let us out until one was left alive, or none of them left at all.
In my early days I refused to fight, soon enough, they had sicked a "special" surprise on us, and after many injections and treatments they gave me the power to easily tear each of the others apart within a matter of seconds.

I only had a few people I managed to keep myself from killing, it helped that they were also in cells around mine.
My sister Melissa had a pretty easy life within the facility in fact she was treated a thousand times better than us and often snuck to my cell and told me stories of how things were on the outside.
We weren't blood related for all we know she just started calling me her brother and vice versa.
But one day he had left and never came back and soon came our escape, and the end of the year soon followed years later, the underworld had risen up and demons slaughtered nearly everyone.
I fought off my evil instinct and focused on searching for my sister because I know she's alive out there... somewhere.
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