The challenge Revived #6

The challenge Revived #6

I like to watch a rolly polly crawl in guacamole. I am a cringy boy :) but I'm proud

published on August 12, 201829 reads 7 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: Team 8, your failure as a team has brought you here for a second time.
Mars: Don't remind us.
Pred: We received 9 votes, the people safe  will get a onion.
Ice: What good is that.
Pred: Much good. Hewkii, your the only person with 0 votes.
Hewkii: .....
Pred: Mars, you got 3 votes, which is the same amount as Derp and Ice.
Mars: Then who gets out.
Pred: Its Hewkii's choice on who stays.
Hewkii: ....
Ice: But he can't speak. How does that work.
Pred: hmmmm... thats something. Ok, I have a randomizer.
Derp: Coolz
Pred: Next person safe is.... Ice.
Ice: Yay
Pred: and.... Derp. Mars is eliminated.
Mars: Don't kill m...
Pred: (kills mars)
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Comments (4)

I'm glad Mars died. He was my least fav on Team 8.
on September 08, 2018
Okay I'm not doing this so I can say hey I'm the original but well didn't copy derp alright so if you think just stop that's fu×ked up I'm not saying that derp copy me like how do you write a thing we're people get a prize if there the last one and I did stuff different ways okay
on August 12, 2018
*150 (if we count catchable, youre correct about 151 if mew. but you can only use hacks.)
on August 12, 2018