That Fateful Day... (Shadow's P.O.V)

That Fateful Day... (Shadow's P.O.V)

Shadow's story of how he met Maria the hedgehog. This part is in Shadow's p.o.v and hopefully there will be another one from Maria's p.o.v.

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Chapter 1.

That Girl...

I decided to go over to my best friend Silver's house one day in the summer holidays just because i wanted to catch up with him because it had been quite a while since i last saw him. I know a lot about Silver but the one thing i don't know is what his twin sister looks like or even what her name is. For some reason Silver had decided to hide her from me. Which is irritating because i really want to meet her. *sigh* oh well. I just hope i meet her at some point.

As i reached Silver's house i could hear really loud laughing and screaming. The laughing was definitely Silver but the screaming...... i decided to just go inside and not bother to knock because Silver might hide his sister again... When i walked in i saw this extremely beautiful girl. (Yes i know I'm supposed to be grumpy and violent all the time but i do have a heart) It was Silver's sister. She looked similar to Silver. The same white fur but with light and dark blue ends to her hair. She was wearing a red dress with white and black flowers. She had red boots on with a black heel. Her eyes were golden and every time she smiled they sparkled.
"S-shadow!! What are you doing here?!" Silver pushed his sister behind him which made her face drop. I could see that she was annoyed that her brother was hiding her away all the time.
"I just thought I'd drop by. See how you were and all that." I couldn't take my eyes off this girl. She was amazing.
"Oh so you're the Shadow I've been hearing all about" The girls voice was moody but sweet. Which suited her so much. Hearing her voice calmed me in a way. I was snapped back to reality when i heard Silver tell his sister to shut up.
"NO! I've been hidden for too long Silver!" She turned towards me. "I'm Maria, Maria the hedgehog. And the reason you have never met me was because my pathetic twin brother was scared that i was going to hurt you. It's nice to finally meet you."
"Yes, Same here." I nodded. So this was why i had never met Maria before. Silver thought i was going to get hurt. Seriously Silver? That is the most pathetic excuse i have heard in a long time.
"I'll let you two get acquainted with each other" And with that Silver left.

So Maria and i sat on the sofa for about two hours just talking about ourselves and having a laugh. I was really enjoying being with Maria. Me and her are so alike. Turns out that both me and Maria like guns and motorbikes. I'm glad Maria finally stood up to her brother and spoke to me. This was the moment when i fell in love with her. (Yes i fell in love alright) when Maria told me that she liked me and that i was really sweet.
"Hey you alright Shadow?" This was when i notice that my cheeks were burning, was i really blushing?
"Uh.. Yeah fine thanks Maria" Maria smiled, got up and kissed me on the cheek.
"Im getting something to eat. Want anything? I couldn't say anything, i was too shocked. This was the first time a girl had shown any kind of affection to me. I gotta admit. It feels really nice to know that someone cares.

Just as i was about to reply a loud bang was heard outside. I looked at Maria who had pure shock on her face.
"Whats wrong?" I asked
"It's Silvs... Eggbreath has him...." For a second Maria glowed a light blue and disappeared. Instinct took over and i followed her, wanting to protect the twins wellbeing. When i got there i gasped Silver had a major cut on his chest and was in a glass tube.
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