Glitter Force - FanFic - DEARIE

Glitter Force - FanFic - DEARIE

Spoilers... Sorta... watch up to ep 20 then read! This is my oc! I tried not to make her a mary sue so hope you like it! Anyways Bye!

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Chapter 1

"Now class lets welcome Katlyn to our school. She is a transfer student." The teacher says as the class welcomes her
Rascal attacks them as the world around them falls into despair Katlyn is outside already in glitter form as the other glitters come not knowing  she could transform they stand in shock "What are yo-" Emily starts "Oh uh..... wait why aren't you in despair" Katlyn says the rest transform "Your one too?!? I thought i was alone!" Said Katlyn
"Lets attack!" Said all of the glitter force except Katlyn As the glitter force and rascal fight Katlyn sits out and watches.... he eventually leaves "Aww.... why didn't you fight?" Asked Emily Katlyn sits there blushing "Well i'm going home" Said Kelsey and they all walk off
That's how they all met... they have been friends for 2 years battling anytime Rascal comes she just sits and watches.... she i mean Katlyn
One bright sunny day in class with the Glitter Force Rascal appears for the first time in a very long time....  the glitter force fights, fights, fights and fights some more.... All but Katlyn... when all of the sudden Rascal attacks Katlyn as the rest of the force cheers her on as they are tired she does nothing... when they are all helpless. Katlyn decides to admit something "Rascal i.. i away's liked you.. that's why i never attacked you" Katlyn says blushing looking happy "I, i want to help you.." She says starting to stand up "No, you cant be serious Katlyn!" Said Kelsey Rascals has a evil look "Then come on" He says to Katlyn "Don't do it!" Emily says "Why didn't you tell us!" Said Lily "Girls stand back she may attack" Said Chloe the brightest and happiest smile plays Katlyn's face and she bids her friends farewell "Its been so nice hanging out with you... but this may as well be my destiny... i don't even have sparkle powers... Goodbye" she waves goodbye to her friends as they both dissaper
Now its been a few years and she would show up sometimes showing more and more traits as the shadow creatures they tried and tried to get her to come back... it never
worked... now they are used to it
One day when Rascal showed up Katlyn looked different.... she dyed her hair to match Rascals... her clothes matched his... her eyes got darker and... evil.. and she had a kitten..

"So its been a while... FRIENDS" She says friends with malacie in her voice "Katlyn?" Emily asked "Its Katlyn but just call me DEARIE" To all the Glitter force the words that came out of Katlyn's mouth felt like it stopped there world "Does that kitten look weird to anyone but me?" Asked Kelsey "No it does look weird" Said Lily "Its a buffoon!" Realized Chloe "I hear your talking about my poor baby!" Said Katlyn "I thought we were friends!" Katlyn says throwing her crown off and stomping on it.. TO BE COUNTINED
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