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Ok anyway this happened Bryson called Dane the wrong name and Olive said it was rude Characters: Bryaon, Olive, me

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So anyway, one day (yesterday) we were getting out of school until I saw Bryson walking ahead of me. His friend is Dane, and he said "Bye Dwayne" and I said "You called him da wrong name." And he said something like "Mind your own business" or something, and I said "I can spy on whoever's convereation I want!" Then, Olive comes on my right randomly and says "Julia, that's rude." So Bryson said "Thank you Olive" and I said "You're welcome" (even though I'm not Olive.) And then I said "Yes, thanks Olive" in a way it doesn't sound very I'm-being-sarcastic way, even though I was being sarcastic. She said "You're thanking me?" I said "Yes". So then I don't remember what Olive said but then a few seconds later we're still walking and somewhat having an argument and I said "Yeah, everyone accuses me of everything like following them and now you accuse me of this, and nobody cares!" Which is really too bad, because my friend was gone, and my crush got mad at me, and my friend's friend got mad at me during all that.
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