Love Has Its Mysterious Ways

Love Has Its Mysterious Ways

Harmony Briggans is brand new to a school in Los Angeles, Los Angeles High, where she meets many new people, some new friends, new enemies, and the captain of the swim team, Yasuto Hamasaki, who had transferred there from Japan. Could both have a good friendship, and possibly even more than that?

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New School, New Life, and a Clean Slate

New School, New Life, and a Clean Slate

I've been in Los Angeles for a little while now, but it feels like I've lived here my whole life. Personally, I don't really miss home either, it's like I erased what used to be a whiteboard tainted with dark and light colors representing good and bad memories, to be brand new and ready to be written and drawn on once again. Mom seems to be getting better too, ever since the car accident my father was in she was upset at home and had started drinking again. Now that we're in Los Angeles she seems like herself again, bubbly and joyful like a puppy in a field. I on the other hand was the one who got into the high school here, due to my good grades and skills in artwork, thus wanting to pursue my studies I transferred schools. My old one didn't seem to challenge me much with the curriculum anyway, child's play in my opinion. Though I can't help but think about what's to come...

A girl sat at her desk in which had just been set up in her room. A pen in her hand dancing along the once blank page of journal paper she currently has in front of her. As black ink tainted white paper, the girl continues to think about what to write and how to word it. Her auburn hair occasionally slides out from behind her ears and shoulders to frame her slightly tan face, causing her to reach her hand up and move it out of the way. Bright blue eyes shined like the ocean itself grazing against a beach shore, watching carefully what she writes.
That girl, was Harmony Briggans. Her and her mother had just moved to Los Angeles as of today and are already starting to move in to the apartment complex her mother had rented out. The apartment rested nearby a beach where shellfish just about ruled the ocean, though people would scuba dive during the night to catch these crustaceans. Other than the beach, around ten minutes away lay the school building Harmony had transferred to, Los Angeles High. She would be heading there tomorrow for her first day, and she seemed excited but nervous all the same. Who wouldn't be nervous on their first day in a brand new high school anyway?
Once she had finished writing in her journal, Harmony set her pen down, shut her journal, and sat back in her desk chair, which gladly welcomed her into its plush padding. Her room still seemed rather bare aside from the boxes overloading the corner nearest her bed on the left side of the blank canvas of white walls. She was just itching to get her hands on some paint and paint the walls herself, due to it being more practice for her to have. She had been collecting various colors and shades of paint just for the occasion too, and she could barely stand waiting, just like she could with meeting new faculty at the school. She didn't care for classes much, but dealt and got good grades with the classes she picked anyway.
"Just tonight and then I'll be meeting new friends and having a new life almost..." Harmony muttered to herself as she looked outside to the darkened twilight of night. She had already eaten dinner an hour earlier, turned off the lights, climbed into bed, and sooner or later fell asleep.
Hopefully, just hopefully, things wouldn't turn out like her old school. Where the whole school found out her dark secret...

(Here's the first one!! Sorry it seems kinda boring BUT I tried. Things should get more interesting in the next chapter x3 )
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