World's Divided

World's Divided

The world has been in conquest The classic Good vs Evil Competition turned to an All out war The side for Good has called themselves "The Order" And the side for Evil are known as "The Dark Sheild" But can Good beat Evil once and for all?

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Chapter 1.

Matthew's Story Part 1

Today was the Day,
I was being Transferred to the HQ of "The Order" where the greatest known hero's of All time lead the armies into a never ending war, once people turn 15 they are immediately sent off to join the order.
Many were eager to show off their skills, others wanted nothing more than to be with their Families
Why I'm here you might ask is well I am a spy for the Darkness.

My Dad's Name is Dimentio, if you can even Call him my dad I bet he summons me from hell, or Maybe he kidnapped me from a Hero family
But he has taught me great magic and in return I must live this path
I don't really feel anything for this war you might say I have a "Heart of Choas" the Demented Jester has pretty much broken me and turned me into a merciless killer, a tool to be used when needed and to be cast aside when I'm not.

Either way I serve him and him alone, even if I don't trust him. In fact if the Darkness does succeed in conquering the world, I am his Secret weapon to create the world into his own twisted image.
The bus was pretty quiet other than the boasting of one hero claiming to be the child of a powerful hero and saying he will surpass everyone
I let out a snicker and looked out the window.
"What are you Laughing about? clown!" The green blonde boy remarked
"I am a Jester, and I'd sit down before I make you" I said with an evil grin
"You're very funny" he said sarcastically as he moved to the seat in front of me and picked me up with by my Purple and yellow cloak
"You are as knuckle-headed as certain echidna" I grinned as I summoned a knife in my hand underneath my cloak .
But before I could act he was pulled away by a man dressed in a green shirt under a pair of overalls.
"That's enough" he tried to act confident but it was pretty obvious he was a nervous wreck "get back to your seat"
The boy walked back to his seat murmuring unkind things under his breath.
"And he calls himself a hero" I muttered
"Are you okay?" The man asked me as I dispel my knife
"Yes" I said scanning the man in green, I had remembered a man in Dimentio's notes that matched his descriptions.
One of the hero's of the Light Prognosticus, the Man in green Luigi.
And for a moment I thought this mission would be boring.
"You know you look very familiar. Have we met before?" He asked
"No I don't think we have" I said turning my gaze out the window
"Who's your parents Maybe I've met them." He said taking a closer look at me.
"They died when I was little, so I don't know who they were"
"I'm sorry", he said as he nervously rubbed the Back of his head " What's your name?"
"Matthew, and your Luigi right? The one watching us?" I asked
"Oh my know who I am?"
"Yes I've read your books in the shelter I love the Super Luigi series, it's unfortunate There wasn't more books"
The man looked like he was gonna faint
I guess living in someone else's shadow will make you want some recognition.
"Maybe we can Talk later, but you should watch the other kids in case Mr.Hero in front gets anymore excited" I said as the blonde boy glaredv at me.
"Right, later" he said returning to the front of the bus.

I looked out the window to see we were approaching the HQ, the Large three Towers.
Destiny Awaits.
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