Legend of The Phoenix

Legend of The Phoenix

The city has fallen, their people slaughtered and left powerless against the darkness. The legend of the Phoenix of Ignatius is well known within the realm. Much like Earth's the Phoenix rises from the ashes and gets reborn into a new life. The legend has long been dead after the phoenix disappeared, but one man think he can bring it back. Can he? ( will be changing the cover so do not worry)

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Prologue: The Fall

  The night Ignatius fell was an awful sight to see, the city burned and the people inside screamed until they could scream no more after being slaughtered and smothered with a darkness none of them could stop. Phoenix fell to her knees as she watched the light from her home fade, and her people die. She knew she had failed. Tears dropped from her face dampening the ground around her as she mourned the death of her home. However, she knew it was only time until they went after her to kill off the last of her kind taking over the land of the sun. She tried stopping the invasion but it was too much for her to handle, using the light she had left and an incantation she knew, she let her final moment in this life be a song.


"Under all these ashes, lies a story of a broken girl.

In a lit-up world full of angels, sing this song and remember.

The story of Rebirth. Sing to the Lyrics and Remember

The light that shines, this light of mine"


It was then the Phoenix turned to ash and the darkness took over, draining the life out of the city and the soil, from there Ignatius stood still.
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