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Mae's Research Unlocked

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Chapter 1.
Myth-Understood Bat Facts and Information

Myth-Understood Bat Facts and Information

Some individuals know bats has disgusting vile creatures in the night, well truth is bats
aren’t all that bad. Sure bats can spread diseases and such but that doesn’t mean everything about
them is bad, there are good qualities too and not just what people see in them. This essay will
research the countries a bat lives in and fun facts, the bats diet, and the many types of illnesses it
can carry.
Bats live all around the world, except for some places like The Arctic and Antarctica
(Bradford). They are found in tropical and temperate habitats. Bats can be found in many
terrestrial habitats below the polar region as well. (Myers). There are 3 species of bats in Mexico
and South American, that eat the blood of a living (usually sleeping) animals. (Animal Facts
Encyclopedia: Bats). At night now most people won’t believe it, but bats will try to fly
themselves out a window if they find themselves in a room (Bats: The World Encyclopedia,
159). Also oriental artists portray bats as signs of good luck, happiness, and long life, why
because bats can live more than 30 years (Spooky Science: Bats). Bats are the only mammals
that can truly fly, other animals glide not much as fly like a bird. (Bat “Thejunglestore”). Now
most people know the phrase “as blind as a bat” where did you get that from? Bats can see pretty good but use echolocation at night to locate where their prey is. Did you know without bats the
human population could be in danger?
It’s true bats at night eat insects, fruit, and drink blood, but it’s the insects we should be
worrying about. A single brown bat can catch about 1,200 mosquito sized insects in around an
hour (13 Incredible bat facts), and some of those insects may carry diseases now without bats
who would eat all the insects frogs? Other animals? You need more than just one animal to hunt
the same thing because 1 animal can’t do it all by themselves. “Rainforests, the lungs of Earth,
rely on bats to pollinate flowers and disperse seeds for countless trees and shrubs.” (Dawn). Bat
Guano can be good fertilizer for plants if you didn’t know that. Vampire bats have really small
esophaguses that only allow fluids to go through them (Vampire Bat: The World Encyclopedia,
284). Vampire Bats saliva contains ‘draculin’ just saying this is prevents their victims (sleeping
animals) blood from clotting (Vampire Bats). To be completely honest there have been some
cases where a bat has bitten a human neck and they do carry diseases but 6% have the virus
A bat are not immune to rabies, neither are they predisposed to get rabies (Bat Facts
“Habitat for bats”). Bats can carry diseases like Nipah, Nipah is an asymptomatic infection
affecting the respiratory syndrome and fatal encephalitis (Nipah Virus NiV Infection). They can
also carry Hendra, Hendra is an influenza-like illness to fatal the respiratory or a neurological
disease. (Hendra Virus HeV Infection). They also can contract Ebola, and Marburg, Marburg is a
hemorrhagic fever caused by filovirus that normally can be found in African Monkeys.
This essay researched the countries a bat lives in and fun facts, the bat’s diet, and many
types of diseases it can carry. You learned about the countries and some fun facts, along with the bats diet and about the vampire bats, you also learned about the diseases it can carry. I hope this
doesn’t change your perspective of bats from good to bad, I do hope it changes the perspective
from bad to good, bat’s aren’t all that bad just when you really haven’t met one.

The image is a Vampire Bat hope you enjoyed reading this
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