A Diary to remember

A Diary to remember

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High School

High School

So far it has been a the longest week in school but I met a guy that is super cute he doesn't pay attention to me much but its good so far I got up and he tripped me like he didn't care I guess he thought we were friends.I am in love? I don't only like him because he is hot I like him because his personality he is sweet funny and etc. There is so much to describe about him he is so cute I cannot just stop stalking him I didn't get my test done because I was stalking him like head work and focus.I guess my brain is following my heart but I am following what they say no matter what I have to see what they are saying what if its about me see how stalkerish I am I am weird and crazy but that is just me and it dosent bother me I guess he was trying to get my attention for one but he always has mine because I am always stalking him so yeah I guess love is a hard thing to find in life but I dont think he would like me I mean I am Ellie Jackson Karla Toyak Merissa Findana Merino. I have a pretty long name but my friend Stephania has 10 names we prefer righting all her names just Stephania Borbon. I cant wait until the bell rings I finally have a class with Jason the most hottest guy in school with a good personality and he is just so my type. Okay so enough with bragging about my self lets get deep into my life story. When I was 12 years old, my mom caught me having a imaginary boy friend I don't mean like kiss lover boy friend i mean a boy as a friend. That came out randomly from me but yeah, worth getting my anger out as writing it down then breaking my moms TV.I did that in 3rd grade yup worth it. Now I know a TV works.<:{<( Mustachio FAIL!) So a few days later i found out that my mom got a new boy friend. I am shocked like way shocked. LIKE WHAT HAPPEN TO UR HUSBAND DAD?!?! Huh mom? I go to my room to get my diary to write.So as you see this is what I wrote so far :0 surprising.
I turn off my lights and I wait I wait for hope.I fall asleep and my hope is for tomorrow to be a good day.

I will go on to the next chapter but tune in :))))

TO BE CONTINUED.................................. TUNE IN FOR MORE DIARY SECRETS
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