Untamed . ( I_Am_Wildcat X Pj ( me ) )

Untamed . ( I_Am_Wildcat X Pj ( me ) )

I was bored and I_am_Wildcat is a real Youtuber with over 4 Million Subs . His humor might not be the best but WHATEVER . I knew my own crew they called us the Unknown Crew because . My Friends where Youtubers and made us a crew . But why me ? When they Know The VanossGaming crew Wildcat is the new Leader since Vanoss went down hill . ( Longest Description I ever SEEN )

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1 : My Friends

Chapter 1 : My Friends

( Pic is the main People that appear in this book plus others but the one's in my crew )
" TAYLOR FOCUS " I yelled laughing from his stupid act . He was trying to land an plain in Gmod . NEVER TRUST HIM WITH EM . Taylor failed and yelled F*CK . We burst out in laughs . I was the only girl in the Crew but I never minded . Also we we're friends since Elementary . We didn't get along much back then . Sam tried to punch me but I moved in time " NOT DIS TIME SAM THE GAMER ! " I yelled pulling out a RPG and blew him up . " DAMMIT " Sam yelled I swore China could hear it . We played half an hour and Soon Jonathan aka H2O Delirious called
H2O = Jonathan/H2O Delirious
Pj = Me
Pj : " Sup del "
H2O : " Hi . Hey do you wanna play with me and Wildcat and provably Vanoss ? "
Pj : " OF COURSE "
H20 : " Bye "
Pj : " peace " I hanged up
" Sorry guys We'll play later too night If I don't get busy " I said and they all said bye . I sent a text to Delirious what we going to be playing He replied Gta V Or Mini Golf if Evan ( Vanoss real name ) Doesn't want too play with us . I said okay . I had to do somethings and he said at 6:30pm and it's 5pm now . So I had 1 hour to work on editing my Videos . I started editing .  It was one with my crew acting like idiots . It was funny because we died so many times . I finished and it was 5:59 . H20 texted me . I read it said ' Vanoss a bit busy so Mini Golf it is ' I laughed a bit because Wildcat rages a lot in that game . So I got ready I got invite and accepted it " What up " Tyler ( Wildcat Real name ) Said acting cool . " Stop your not cool " I said " SHUT UP " He said chuckling and Del breaking into loud laughter . We played until it 7pm . We said farewell . I don't think I seen Wildcat so happy . Then again he is happy every time I play with there gang " PJ " I heard my roommate Evie yell " YES EV " I replied " YOU RUINED MY MAKE UP " I sighed I forgot she had a date . With Landon . UGH I hated the guy . He was one those ' I'M THE BEST AND FAMOUS PERSON ' person . Little did he know I was more Famous then him . Me and him became enemies in Middle School . I had more people on my side then . " I going to redo it NOW DON'T LAUGH TO MAKE ME JUMP AND RUIN IT AGAIN " She said walking back to her room upstairs . I texted Myha
M = Myha
Pj : Sup
M : Oh Hi Pj
Pj : Are you free
M : Yea just taking care of my cats Jon and Liv
Pj : I'm Coming over then
M : Okay

I put my phone down and went upstairs . I got read and then walked to Myha place . We didn't live far from each other . I walked in " Where my Homie " I asked " HERE " She came down from the stairs giggling and me chuckling . " Evie still with Landon huh ? " She asked " Yep " I rolled my eyes replying . " She will never learn " Myha said " Hey want to watch some Try Not to Laugh vids " I asked " YEA " She said happy .
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