Shes known to kill for fun or just dos (vampire story) so why did he let her free

Shes known to kill for fun or just dos (vampire story) so why did he let her free

This is a story I maid up about a Vampire girl Named Emi Kira. She was once a human but was trend into a vampire by an evil and crawl person. In this chapter is a little bite of info on her and as you read you get to know her more and more.

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Chapter 1.
Freeing the beast

Freeing the beast

Most people don't be levee in what there eye's don't see but I tell you, be levee in what you don't see for you may read it in books and hair about it because you never know it mate be true.  The story I'm going to tell you is about a vampire girl named Emi Kira (means blessed with beauty, killer); she is a known killer who has no mercy upon her enemy or pray. She is 200 years old and is forest to serve the Yami Company. The owner of the company’s son has bin working for the company sense he was 8 Years old and is the best out of all the others.  They have Emi locked in a secret room that only him and a sir tin others are a lowed into.  He has her strapped to two iron flat beds that hovers over her had and one below her feet.  The two flat beds are a attached to two iron bars that starch out to the middle of the big tub she’s in from the control room that is in front of her and has a iron plait around her mouth that has strange carvings in it but the inside of the plait there is a clothe so the metal docent bother her.  Right now all Emi did was look emotionless at the fog below her tell she hard foot steps coming her way, she instantly put up a barrier around her self and Listened to the two people enter the control room in front of her.  She know it was Mr. Keaira the company’s owner and his son coming to see her like Mr. Keaira all ways do every 3 days sense they got her but this was the first time he brought his son.  The day they got her was 13 years a go when she was severely injured from fighting with her father and killed him but they got her as she was in an Ali trying to get some where.  Emi ignored them and just looked at the fog below her tell she hared them talking about her.  

~Genjuu's POV~

She’s quiet beautiful don't you think Genjuu?  Mr. Keaira said haply as he looked at Emi and then at his son.  Yes Father, she is all so the reason I decided to work for our company in stead of running it and soon you will die leaving the company to uncle Night.  Genjuu said emotionless as he looked at Emi then to his father in a weal chair.  Yes but what if I maid you the owner when I die Genjuu?  His father asked worriedly as he looked at his son, Genjuu looked a way from his father to Emi and sighed annoyed.  I would do as you wish father, for it would be your dieing words and I won't go a gents them.  Genjuu said plainly as he looked at Emi and started to think.  *she is vary beautiful, I wonder what she would do if I let her free from here.* He thought to him self but Emi hard his thoughts and smiled then looked at him.  *I would be vary glad and possibly kill you.* She told him in his had, he looked shocked and his father seemed to know tied this.  Son are you OK, is some thing rowing?  His father asked concerned, Genjuu looked at him then back to Emi who was looking at him with her emotion less eyes that held no light in them, he felt like her eyes wore looking though his eyes to his vary soul and shivered.  

He looked a way from her to his father to see his father looking at Emi who was still looking at Genjuu and wondered why his father was shocked.  She’s never looked up be for, Genjuu what did you do?  His father asked shocked as he looked at Emi then to his son.  All I did was think about what she would do if I let her free and she looked up.  His father looked at him with a serious Expression on his face and grabbed Genjuu's arm.  Son, what ever the circumstances do not let her free not even if your life depends on it or she will kill you and every one who works here.  Mr. Keaira said seriously as he held onto his son’s arm, Genjuu just looked at his dad then to Emi and looked in thought.  I can’t promise you that dad, you know if something hap ind I'd do any thing to survive like freeing Emi and if she kills me well who cares I would have died any ways.  Genjuu said emotionless as he looked at Emi, he sensed his father’s angry gays on him but didn't care and just looked back at Emi.  *Do you like angering your father so much that it drives him to betting you or are you just doing it to make his death come faster Genjuu?*  Emi asked him in his had, Genjuu looked at her emotion lesly and crossed his arms a cross his chaste.  

*He doesn’t bet me, he sense me a way and no I'm not doing it to make his death faster.  I'm not as cruel as you are, I would never kill my father not even if it meant my own life.* Genjuu said emotionless as he looked at her, she just looked back at him with her emotion less eyes and then tilted her had to the left well closing her eyes.  *but didn't you just say you would do any thing to survive, that in clods letting your father die just to save your own life and get a way but your right.  Your way fare from how cruel I am, I would kill every one I know pluses my hole family and every one in this house.* She said emotionless as she looked at him, he looked back at her angry tell his father interrupted his thoughts.  Son is every thing OK, is she talking to you?  His father asked concerned, Genjuu looked at his father then back to Emi and answered his father with a yes.  Genjuu ignored his fathers yelling and lisoned to Emi.  *there are intruders in the house, if you tack the hall to your right you should pass them and be able to get out a live.* She told him emotionless in his had as she looked at him then down to the fog below her, Genjuu looked shock and did as told.  He grabbed his dad’s wheelchair and left to the hall Emi told him about.  When he was out of the house he felt like he for got something and remembered he left his mothers charm in his father’s office.  He left his father with his friend and went back into the house to get the charm.  When he reached the office and got the charm.  He hard them out side the room talking so he hid in a closet that was near a window in the room.  

Some guys cam into the room then started to look around the room, Genjuu watched them through the crack of the door and watched them tell they cam up to where he is hiding at.  He got his arm swords reedy then jumped out and slit the guy’s throught that was in front of him.  The other guy that is in the room started to scream so Genjuu ran up to him and slit him in hafe.  Blood went every were, Genjuu got out of the room be for some one came and snuke around the hall but as he was some one saw him.  He didn't know they saw him so he just continued to sneak around tell the person shot him in the stomach and he fell back words.  He put his right hand over the shot wound and looked at the guy that shot him with blood thirsty eyes.  Even though he is injured he got up fast then ran up to the guy, sliced off his hands and then stabbed him in the heart.  He stood there looking at the guy tell his stomach shot pain through out his body, he put his hand on his stomach in pain and fell on his knees grunting from the pain tell he hard people running his way.  

Genjuu got up then ran down the hall to find some where to hid but the only room that he found was the control room where Emi is at so that’s were he ran to, as he ran he could here a group of men fallowing him so he tried his best to run faster and held his stomach in pain.  When he got to the room he ran into it then closed the door fast and locked it as he lisoned to the guys run by.  He then terns around to look at Emi to see her looking at him, he moved a way from the door and walked up to the control panels then looked up at her through the big window.  I'm going to let you free, but the only ones your a lowed to kill are the intruders got that Emi.  Genjuu said emotionless, all Emi did was look at him and smiled underneath the metal plait that covers her mouth.  He started to push buttons then pulled a lever, the bars that are attached to the iron plaits started to move her closer to the control room tell she was close a nofe for Genjuu to let her free from the straps at a door in the left side of the controls.  As he was tacking the straps off the group of guys started to hit the door and screaming so he took the straps off fast but just as he was going to tack the iron plait off her face they Brock the door.  Genjuu looked at the guys that Brock the door tell he saw one of them pulled out there gun and shot at him.  He moved out the way bringing Emi with him (he doesn’t know she’s a vampire tell later in the story), he looked at them as he was crouched down on the floor with Emi but then held his stomach in pain and looked up at Emi when he hard a growl.  Her eyes trend red, her nails grow longer, sharper and he know instantly she was going to kill.  

~Emi's POV~

Emi growled in hunger as her eyes turned red from smelling Genjuu's blood, she pushed him a way gently and looked at the guys in front of them.  *Genjuu tack this stupid thing off my face, I can’t tack it off it has to be a human for it to be tack in off. * She said emotion Lesly to Genjuu in his had, he did as told and took the mask off for her.

OK people that’s the end of this chapter, the next one is going to be good but has some vileness in it to so people under 18 are not a lowed to red this story I'm reading and I will remind you all in each chapter.  Any way in the next chapter Emi helps Genjuu but dos some thing that angers him and Genjuu gets in tribal by his dad.  Wright or message me if you all like the story by.
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