The Great Race 9

The Great Race 9

Ready for a race around the world. For 1 million dollars. 18 pairs of 2. This is basically like The amazing race.

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Chapter 1.

Start the race

Attmoz: First for the tip. Awesome.
Pango: Yeah. Good job dude.
Attmoz: Thanks man.
Pango: This tip says we go to china now.
Attmoz: Nice.

Thomas: We're going to china. Interesting.
Cyra: Why?
Thomas: That's a cool place.
Cyra: you didn't insult it. Are you alright.
Thomas: *smacks head* uh... I meant horrible place.
Cyra:Hmm... sure you did.

-Friendly rivals
Angel: Looks like all the teams are on the same flight again.
Jaz: So is it like that the whole time. Or no.
Angel: Hopefully it changes.

Misty: WOO! CHINA!
Ruby: 什么土豆
Misty: Ok then?

Raven: China.
Crimson: I don't see why everyone is so excited to go.
Raven: China is actually a cool place.
Crimson: Full of pollution from of the factories there. There air is pretty much toxic. It's not a pretty place.
Raven: Oh... wow
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