Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 5

Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 5

Wow owo wow owo wow owo oof foo moo oom wee baa gloo glue the moose. Hehehe.

published on December 22, 201826 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Joey: Welcome back Blue screens of death.
Adira: Lets just get this over with.
Joey: Fine. Whoever doesn't get a cookie must leave on the boat of losers.
Kayla: We know. Tell us who's safe.
Joey: First safe are... June and Lucy.
June: Alright.
Joey: Max and Kayla also survive another day.
Max: H#ll yeah.
Joey: Alex, you also get a cookie. Along with Raven.
Alex: Wonderful.
Joey: Aiz-Lynn, Gaupo, Adira, and Derp. your the bottom 4.
Aiz-Lynn: This is Lynn's fault. No, it's Aiz's.
Adira: It's both your faults. Now shut up.
Joey: Gaupo safe. You too Adira.
Gaupo: Sweet.
Joey: Derp, Aiz-Lynn. Welcome to the bottom two.
Derp: *gulps* oh noez.
Joey: Aiz-Lynn, your on the chopping block because you make yourself lose the challenge. and your pretty annoying.
Aiz-Lynn: So...
Joey: Derp, your on the chopping block because you.... umm... you...
Derp: I whatz?
Joey: umm.. forget it. Your safe. So long Aiz-Lynn.
Aiz-Lynn: Bye! NO! aiz we lost, lets go.
Joey: Please just go away.
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