Black and Red

Demon Hunters Cyruss and Rose are invited to another world for a Party thrown by a princess known as Peach. But when an evil king Named Bowser rises up... The Demon Hunter must team up with a Red hero named "Mario" ...By entering several worlds to rescue the Sage spirits that Bowser has imprisoned, so they wouldn't interfere with his plans.

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"Look at that Cake!" Rose said with wide eyes as she gazes blissfully at the cake, the only thing holding her back from digging in was Cyruss who held her by her collar.

"Easy there, we wanna make sure there's some for everyone else...come to think of it aren't you sinning a bit much for an angel?" Cyruss said with a grin.

"No body's perfect, we've all got some darkness...and my obsession with sweets is just one of my sins" Rose crossed her arms

"Gluttony is the term I believe." Cyruss said before noticing the entire cake was gone in a blink of an eye, only for the icing and crumbs to appear on Rose's face.

She walked away from it nonchalantly as she casually whistled a tune.

"I will never understand that girls obsession with such tasteless things..." He sighed before walking away to find where she went.


Rose was approached by a girl in a pink dress.

"Oh you're the special guest I invited, am I right? Rose?" The girl questioned.

"Yup that's me! and you must be Peach" Rose turned to the princess oblivious to the cake on her face.

"Uhh, you've got a little..." Peach gestured to her mouth,

"Oh...uh sorry" She replied, Peach handed her a napkin from the table.

"It's alright, I'm glad you've liked it I baked it myself" She said happily. as Rose wiped away the Cake on her face.

"Really? it was Delicious!" Rose said kindly with a smile.

"Thank you, I read about your adventures and when I was told there was a way to meet you and Cyruss I couldn't resist!" at that moment Rose's eyes went wide realizing that they were contacted from another world.

" read about us? and who told you how to contact us?"

as if on que the entire castle shook and sword wielding monster were summoned into the room immediately taking everyone within captive.

Cyruss jumped into action, buf at that moment a Large turtle like creature appeared along side a red haired boy.

"I wouldn't resist if I were you" The boy said, as he raised his hand, the monsters.put their weapons right on the hostages.

"Cyruss Stop!" Rose shouted, her eyes glown bright purple as did a symbol on his neck forcing him down like he was a leashed dog.

This resulted him getting impaled by several red crystal spikes and immediately turning to light red glowing dust that fluttered out of the room.

"Hahaha! Now that that's settled take everyone to the dungeon ...except Mario, I want him in the throne room for a battle with my awesome new power!" Bowser said with a malevolent smile.

"Mario!" Peach screamed

"It'll be okay" Rose whispered.

In the past Rose would behave like a helpless scared little girl but the longer she was in the DHA...the more she grew to accept the cold hard facts that came with the job.
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