Trapped in Sight

Trapped in Sight

As a prequel to One Month you needed to know the basics. How Syrianna (Protectress) got trapped in that realm, and how Artemis for into the picture.

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Chapter 1.


  "We don't belong in this universe." Protectress said to her angered sister Anaconda, "If you would just listen!"
  "I've listened for far too long sister, I think it's time you leave me alone, I warned you I will kill you if you don't leave." Anaconda said threatening
  "I won't leave without knowing that you'll return to the universe you belong in."
  "Not a chance." Anaconda slipped away into the night. Protectress couldn't let her sister slip away again like she did before when she faded into this universe. Along the way Syrianna met a friend the Green Arrow, she thought he was just a comic book until she went to a universe to where he existed, and she could use his help. With help from him she found her in an alley, with hope she ran to where her sister was.
  Anaconda always had a thing for feeling pain emotional pain, it always happened. She says it won't hurt her, it hurts everyone. "1/3 of a soul is hard." Protectress said cornering her in an alley.
"Leave!" Anaconda shouted.
"We know how you became to be, you had a full soul didnt you, I know what it's like to be trapped somewhere." Green Arrow said, a man from the universe Anaconda jumped in.
"No you dont." Anaconda replied her voice breaking.
"For 5 years I was trapped on an island." Green Arrow replied.
"For my whole life I was trapped in a lab, experiments were tested on me." Anaconda said starting to get angry, making vines grow.
"I know what its like to be tortured." He said.
"1/3 of a soul lead me to the darkest place, Protectress stealing who I was suppose to become why shouldn't i kill her?" Anaconda asked him.
"She's your sister." He replied
"Who says I'm her sister, I'm already wanted by my kind, I'm already a criminal."
"Don't Ana." He started to raise his bow and arrow and locked it in position.
"You know who I am I am not Ana, I'm Anaconda, and I am no hero, or a villain, I am nothing." Anaconda said, vines now lighting on fire.
"I killed people, a lot of people."
"I killed more." She replied rage piercing her voice, something was bound to happen.
"Be a hero." He told her,
"Fine but first." She opened a portal just as her father Guardian ran in just in time, and shoved Protectress through.
"PROTECTRESS NO!" Guardian yelled, tears streaming down his face. Anaconda locked thw portal she sent Protectress through,
"The end has just begun." Was her last words before she faded away. Guardian tried to open the portal but he couldn't.
"NO!!!!!" Guardian screamed kneeling on the ground anger and sadness in his voice.
"We'll find a way." Green Arrow said assuringly.
"No Mae will, after she loses her powers, and Artemis returns." Guardian stood up, wiping the tears from his face and turned towards the vigilante.
"You sure?" He asked
"Time to get back to our universe, goodbye Oliver." Guardian started to fade away and reappeared in the clock tower where the heroes were, and Anaconda last stood before she ran making sure she wouldn't be caught by her own father.
"Good luck." Green Arrow said, that was the last thing Guardian heard.
"I'll need it to save my daughter." He said knowing the vigilante couldn't respond because he was no longer in his universe.
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