Broken doll

Broken doll

Angel is a doll a porcelain doll. But when she gets a human body she is cheerful. All the toys on the toy shelf get human bodies. But if the dolls get hurt then it's over for their human selves. Someone does want to hurt Angel tho. Her master. He does not want the rest of the world to have her she is his and his alone. But she wants to be free.

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Chapter 1.
Just another doll

Just another doll

I looked up to see the master staring at me again. I hated when he did that.
"Your a beautiful doll, you know." He said smiling. I just looked away and sulked. I hated being on this shelf.
"I wonder how much prettier you'd be as a human." He said curiously.
"A h...h.....human sir?" I asked he had my attention
"Yes I was thinking I could make you human." He said smiling a bit
"But w...w....w....why?" I asked he was making me extremely curious.
"Come down here and I will explain" he said so I carefully made my way off the shelf. I was only able to move when he allowed me. I made my way over to him. It was difficult as my limbs were not meant for moving. When I got over there he looked at me and warned me this may hurt then he shut my eyes. I could feel strange things happening but I ended up blacking out. My tiny doll body would become a human. I was so excited.
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