Renta The Grim Reaper.

Renta The Grim Reaper.

I lost my father in a war. Making me Grim Reaper of Death Kingdom, but there was something in the shadows. That threaten to kill me and my kingdom. With three things in the middle of it all.

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Chapter 2.

Two Children

I woke up to my children screaming at each other. I slowly sat and rubbed my head waking myself from my dream of when I was sixteen.
“Quiet down!” I yelled as I got up and got my cloak on.
I walked out of my room to see Dexter and Anna.
Dexter was tall and dressed like me without the cloak. He had spiky black hair, black eyes with a white iris that would send shivers down your spine, His black turtleneck sweater is all he had to remember his mother. That he hated.
Anna was like her mother. Brown hair with human eyes with a black iris. She wore a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath, black jeans with a brown belt that was at a angle, and her shoes were black.
“She threw one of her knives at me!” Dexter yelled showing his deep voice off.
“Because you were saying mom left us! She died in a war!” Anna yelled at him.
“ENOUGH!” I yelled at both of them.” You two need to get along!”
They both shrank away from my booming yell and they quickly nodded. I sighed as I saw Kaden enter.
“Dexter and Anna fighting again?” The werewolf king asked.
I simply nodded at the werewolf.
He had killed his brother to keep the Devil, Dark, safe.
Kaden stood at five feet and six inches. A bit smaller than a normal werewolf, His brown hair was long yet never got in his eyes, He had a fire print jacket so when he transformed his fur looked like a blazing fire, His shirt underneath was bit gray,the blue jeans made him pop out a bit, and his shoes also fire printed.
Fire elemented wolf. I always thought to myself. Which he is one and he always seems to be stronger than water elemented ones. Which made him king.
Dark was only made devil because he was the last male of his kind. While his sister Pj was made God because she was the last female of vampire demon or angel kind.
Kaden and I have been friends since I turned twenty. He was twenty-two at the time. Dark was three years older than him making him five years older than me. Pj was nineteen one year younger then me and Devil’s and God’s stop aging at the age of twenty-eight. Which Dark is now
A lot of numbers I know. Back to the story!
Dexter starts playing with his puppets and Anna started playing with bones.
Dexter was a puppet master and with dolls and living things. He can bend anyone to his will and make them do his dirty work.
Anna wasn’t into that kinda stuff she was more sweet and innocent. At times she would cut you to really small bits. Not even the animal with really advanced vision would be able to see.
Dexter I forgot to mention has sis string hands that come out his back. Hinting the stings on a puppet. They might look weak, but boy their strong they could pick up five hundred bricks. I seen him do it.
Kaden went over to Dexter and gave him three more puppets. Only things missing was Candy, but how would I forgive her… She abused me.
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