Renta The Grim Reaper.

Renta The Grim Reaper.

I lost my father in a war. Making me Grim Reaper of Death Kingdom, but there was something in the shadows. That threaten to kill me and my kingdom. With three things in the middle of it all.

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Chapter 1.

Renta Means Wisdom.

Dad where is he? I started to panic and get twitchy. The Halloween kingdom made a huge plan to wipe us out, but seem to be failing and I thought they were our friends.
“RETREAT MY SOLDIERS” I heard a female voice cry out and the soldiers obeying ran to their kingdom.
I ran around trying to find my dad.
“DAD!” I was frantic until I saw what happened.
There lay his ripped cloak as I slowly, but surely moved my eyes upward. I saw his lifeless face. His frosty eyes glazed with his rage.
“No….NO!”I started to have tears in my eyes.
Soon warriors came up and got my father. I watched not able to do anything. Why was I so foolish?
That’s was two days ago… today I get my scythe, but what will it weild.
My Father weld the strength scythe and my mother weld the love scythe, but will I weld. Usally Grim Reapers and Queens have scythe. Because usually their over the age nineteen, but I’m sixteen. Three years younger than usual.
“Come forward Renta.” Dark the Devil and Pj the god commanded me.
I obeyed and walked forward, head down and no sounds coming out of my movements or lips. My cloak’s hood was up, but I still felt the stares of demons and angels. I was nervous, but I didn’t show the signs of it.
Soon I stood still.
“Do you promise to keep Death Kingdom’s secrets?”
I nodded.
“By the power of our ancestors we grant you the lives of nine hundred ninety-nine trillion years. You shall rule with the scythe of wisdom.”
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