These are some "letters" I would like to send to people in my life but I can't. Warning: there will be cussing and there will be petty drama.

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Dear Alec,

        (I swear I'm not usually this insane, sorry.) We're starting with you because I'm angry as hell and I think I get it all out on a place where you can't say shit. So here we go.
        You told me you would never, ever hurt me or lie to me or push me to do things I didn't want to do. And I believed you. But now look where we are, all because you're a sorry dick.
        I was getting comfortable with you. Even though you screwed up a few times, it was okay. But now it's too much. You told me you had serious feelings for me. You told me you cared about me and if we didn't live so far apart, you would date me.
        But then I find out ALLLLLLLLLLLLL this shit about you and, well, screw you, to put it lightly.
        Not only did your EX tell me all the stuff you were saying to her while we were "talking," but you told me some stuff too. Oh, like maybe the same day you told me I was the only girl you wanted, your EX was sending me screenshots of you talking about wanting to be in bed with her. Not only did you repeatedly ask me for nudes even after I said stop, but you went ahead and sent me a dick pic. Because that's DEFINITELY what I wanted. Not only did I find out FROM YOU that you had, in you words, "six other side hoes waiting for you," but you proceeded to tell me you loved me after that.
        Bitch NOOOOOOOOOO. Then, you told me that you met this girl who you had "hella feelings for" and she was "super gorgeous." You told me you wouldn't like me the same after that. You told me I was more of a sister. But THEN you went to tell me that if it didn't work out, you would come back to me.
        No, bitch, you don't get to make me your second choice. OHHH and then when she said she just wanted to be friends, you cam CRAWLING back to me. And I was the dumb bitch who let you back in.
        But I didn't trust you. You proceeded to tell me how stupid I was for feeling so hurt over it. But maybe you should think about the shit you did to me leading up to that. I was hurt because of ALLLLL of it.
        AND THEN you denied ever saying in the first place that you would come back BUT I HAVE SCREENSHOTS HOE KISS MY ASS.
        ANNND THENNN I wrote you this super long paragraph about why I hated you and then you just said "Oh." OHHHHH YOURSELF BACK TO HELL BITCH.
        And then I sent you this thing saying "f you" for everything you did to me, and you said "f you for being so butt hurt."
        NO. You don't get to be mad at be for being hurt when you've been an ass to me since the day we started talking.
        No, f*ck you. Kiss my ass, damn hoe. Go to hell. I hope you're happy, because that won't last long. Karma's a bitch, so keep barking up the same tree because you're soon going to find out to not treat people like shit. Bye bitch love ya never
        (middle finger insert here)
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E X P O S E H I M 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Fuckboys are a group of people that need to die off. Ew. I'm so glad you didn't send those pics and didn't stay with him.
Honestly XD I hate guys like that
11 days ago
I would never send pics like that, despite what all the fuckboys think. I can't tell you how many people ask me for nudes and then when I cuss them out about it they call me stupid and they block me XD
Lmao "damn i didn't get what I wanted. she's stupid"
16 days ago
18 days ago
19 days ago